About Us

Overview of the NHSRI

The National Health Services Research Institute (NHSRI) is a development within the School of Public Health in University College Cork, made possible by capital investment from the Higher Education Authority of Ireland. Though based at UCC, the Institute is supported by a national collaboration of universities, State agencies and private sector enterprises. 

In 2011, The School of Public Health moved with the Department of General Practice to the Western Gateway Building which is based on the Western UCC campus. This move was associated with the long term objective of consolidating expertise and capacity in epidemiology, public health, health services and primary care research in Cork on a single site. 

Public Health and Health Services Research in UCC is underpinned by national and internationally recognised outputs in Public Health Research and the recent support, under PRTLI5, of a National Health Services Research Institute in the Western Gateway Building.

Aims of the NHSRI

The overarching aims of the NHSRI include:

  • Acting as a focal point for collaborative EU and national funding applications where necessary and appropriate but leaving the individual institutions free to compete for funding to ensure competitive advantages are not lost.


  • Supporting collaboration in research and development with commercial partners.



  • Supporting the dissemination of evidence through an annual conference, a workshop series, webinars and other dissemination tools.


  • Developing core research infrastructure (databases, record linkage, GIS, consent protocols etc.) working with partners including Health Atlas Ireland and the Irish Cancer Registry.


National Health Services Research Institute (NHSRI)

4th Floor, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork