UCC Weather Station Data

UCC Weather Station

UCC Weather Station

UCC Weather Station Data

Operated by:

A.A. Ruth & Laser Spectroscopy Group,

Physics Department & Environmental Research Institute,

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

Please acknowledge the operators of the weather mast in any published work that makes use of the data.

  • Minute data (updated at midnight each day from 1st May 2017)
  • Hourly (Nov 2015 - present )
  • Daily  (November 2015 - present)

UCC Weather Mast, North Mall Campus (Distillery Fields), Cork City, Ireland
Location: N51.89948, E-8.4864

Instructions for data

  • To Save data: Right click on file, Then click "Save as...".
  • File type: Text files - csv(comma separated variable).
  • Open with: Notepad, MS Excel, or other plotting software.

How to read the data

  • Column 1: Date and time 
  • Column 2: Record number
  • Column 3: Battery [V] 
  • Column 4: Internal temperature [°C]
  • Column 5: Air temperature [°C]
  • Column 6: Relative humidity [%]
  • Column 7: Ground temperature [°C]
  • Column 8: Air pressure [mbar]
  • Column 9: Rainfall [mm]

Laser Spectroscopy Group

Room 118, 1st floor, Kane Building, School of Physics, University College Cork, Ireland,