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Certificate in Irish Studies

Course Fact File
DurationFull Academic Year (September – May)
Teaching ModeFull-time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.
FeesSee Fees and Costs for full details.

Course Outline

The Certificate in Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary course for visiting students. It draws on a number of academic disciplines which aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the whole range of the rich, indigenous Irish cultural tradition over two millennia The modules selected for inclusion in the course are those which reflect the earlier cultures of these islands, and of Ireland in particular, but also with reference to Scotland and Wales. The contributing departments are Early and Medieval Irish, Modern Irish, Archaeology, History and Folklore.

For students interested specifically in the Irish language, a weekend in an Irish-speaking area (Gaeltacht) is arranged (through the Centre for Spoken Irish) at Dún Chíomháin, the university’s Gaeltacht site in beautiful west Kerry.

Those pursuing the Certificate select modules totalling 50 credits.

The choice of modules is made in consultation with the student’s supervisor and is subject to the approval of the Programme Coordinator. 

Core Modules (30-35 credits)

  • AR2111 Irish Archaeology: Prehistoric, ‘Celtic’ and Historic (10 credit module)
  • CC3010 Early Irish I (5 credits)
  • CC3011 Early Irish II (5 credits) and/or CC2250 Ancient Ireland (5 credits)
  • GA1120 Introduction to Modern Irish (5 credits)
  • HI3052 From Pagans to Christians (5 credits)

Elective Modules(15-20 credits)

The availability of elective modules may vary depending on timetables. Please note that not all elective modules may be offered in any one year

  • AR2034 The Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland
  • AR2042 The Archaeology of Later Medieval Ireland, c.AD 1100-1550
  • AR3037 Viking Age Archaeology in Ireland and Britain
  • AR3046 The Archaeology of Agriculture in Medieval Ireland, c. AD 500-1500
  • AR3052 The Iron Age in Ireland - New Horizons
  • CC1111 The Ancient Celts (5 credits)
  • CC1112 Celtic Religion and Mythology (5 credits)
  • CC1113 The Celtic Hero (5 credits)
  • CC2001 Saints and Scholars in Medieval Europe (5 credits)
  • CC2002 Celtic Saints (5 credits)
  • CC2006 The Brehon Laws (5 credits)
  • CC2007 The Celtic Languages (5 credits)
  • CC2008 Early Irish Spirituality (5 credits)
  • CC2011 Celtic Women (5 credits)
  • CC3001 The Mabinogi: Legends of Medieval Wales (5 credits)
  • CC3003 Ireland and Scotland (5 credits)
  • CC3004 Otherworld Journeys and Saintly Visions in Celtic Literature (5 credits)
  • CC3006 Irish Historical Tales (5 credits)
  • CC3007 The Finn Cycle (5 credits)
  • CC3012 The Roots of the Arthurian Legend (5 credits)
  • FL2111 Aspects of Irish Folklore (5 credits)
  • GA1121 Intermediate Modern Irish (10 credits)
  • GA2022 The Literature and Culture of Ireland through Time (5 credits)
  • HI2031 Ireland and Rome: History, Culture and Contact (5 credits)
  • HI3200 History Research Seminar [Monastic Ireland: from origins to dissolution] (10 credits) 

Additional Teaching Mode Information

Lectures/Seminars/Practicals/Field Trips

Course Practicalities

The full course runs for two semesters (i.e. one academic year). Those pursuing the Certificate select modules totalling 50 UCC credits. Students are required to take a number of core modules and the remainder from those offered by the contributing departments.

Assessment is usually by written examination and by work submitted during the academic year. Formal examinations are held in December and May. Departmental/School examinations and assessments take place at various times during the academic year.

Why Choose This Course

The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences at UCC has headline-strengths in the field of Irish Studies. The Certificate in Irish Studies harnesses these strengths to enable you to develop advanced critical understandings of this exciting field of study. A particular merit of the course is that it combines coherence of approach and focused teaching with an exceptional range of subject matter

Skills and Careers Information

The certificate serves as a stepping-stone to a wide range of career opportunities. It can facilitate entry into MA/MPhil programmes in Irish Studies and related fields, which in turn can lead to careers in academia


The minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement for admission to the programme is normally 3.0 out of 4.0

Fees and Costs

Tuition fee does not apply to Erasmus+ Students

How To Apply

See Incoming Erasmus Students for how to apply

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