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SEMINAR Writing and Translating in Minoritised Contexts Xavier Queipo (Writer and Translator) Thursday 21st September 2023 CACSSS Seminar Room - ORB. G27 4:00-6:00 pm

20 Sep 2023

The Irish Centre for Galician Studies, in conjunction with the research cluster 'Translation and Creative Practice' (CASiLaC, UCC), warmly invites you to a seminar with Galician writer and translator Xavier Queipo.

Xavier Queipo, the author of several novels, short story and poetry collections, is also a renowned and award-winning translator, having brought into Galician the work of writers such as Amin Maalouf and Hervé Guivert (from French) and Joseph Conrad and James Joyce (from English). His own works have been translated into different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. In this seminar, Queipo will reflect on the role of translation in minoritised contexts, both in relation to his work as a translator and with regards to his own experience of being translated into other languages.

Irish Centre for Galician Studies

O'Rahilly Building First Floor - Block B East Room 1.55