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2015. March 23rd. Galician Film Cycle: Last Movie Monday 23rd March

23 Mar 2015

Monday March the 23rd – Kane Building B10A – 18:30 h

The Irish Centre for Galician Studies and the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies are delighted to present the last movie in the Galician Cinema Cycle:

ENCALLADOS (Stranded) 

Alfonso Zarauza (2013)

(Movie in Galician with English subtitles)

Monday March the 23rd – Kane Building B10A – 18:30 h

Encallados– The film

The economic difficulties of the film industry and a very inefficient public funding system force a film director to reinvent the script of a film in two weeks. He and two famous Galician scriptwriters plunge in a creative process that doesn’t seem to have wind in their sails. During the writing process they have to deal with the pressure from the producer, the difficulties of writing without falling back on too many clichés and the complications of balancing their creativity with their real options for production, until the realise the very creative process they are living has its own entity as a story.

Alfonso Zarauza

Alfonso Zarauza (Compostela, 1973), screenwriter and director. He began making short films during the mid 90s with titles like Hai que foderse (1994), A danza de Katiuska (1998) or Touro (2002). In 2008 he directed his first feature film, A noite que deixou de chover, which won Best In Progress Screenplay at the LALIFF (Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival). He has recently directed two films, Encallados and Os Fenómenos, the latter one starring Lola Dueñas and Luís Tosar, which continues to lead

all Galician cinema billboards, and is about to make the leap to commercial cinemas in the rest of the Spanish state.


All welcome!

Irish Centre for Galician Studies

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