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2014. September 17th. A Day with Xavier Queipo

16 Sep 2014

Following on from his previous visit in 2008, the Galician-born Brussels-based writer and translator Xavier Queipo returns to University College Cork on Friday 26th September.

During his short stay, Queipo will offer a variety of events related to creative writing, linguistic diversity and literary translation. The Irish Centre for Galician Studies (UCC) warmly invites you to attend and participate in all or some of these activities. Admission to all events is free and all are welcome. 

Title: ‘La esencia en frascos pequeños’/ ‘Eye Drops’
Time: 11:00-13:00     Venue: ORB. G38         [Participants in English, French, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish are welcome to attend]
Strong essences are kept in small bottles and eye drops help us to clear our eyes and change our perception of things... This microfiction workshop will start with a brief theoretical discussion of this literary form as proposed by writers such as Augusto Monterroso and Raymond Queneau. The introduction will be followed by examples in different languages (starting with ‘A filha do piloto japonês’ by Angolan writer Ondjaki) and exercises in style.

Title: ‘Sobre el contacto entre lenguas: el vigor del híbrido’
Time: 14:00-15:00     Venue: ORB. 132          [In Spanish]
This lecture will address the issues of linguistic hybridity and languages in contact from the point of view of an author who writes in a so-called minority language but lives and works in an environment in which many diverse languages coexist daily.

Title: ‘Arquitectura de un mito: la traducción gallega de Ulysses de James Joyce’
Time: 16:15    Venue: ORB. 132          [In Spanish, Galician and English]
The first-ever full translation into Galician of James Joyce’s Ulysses was published in 2013. Xavier Queipo was one of the four members of the team of translators who carried out this work. In this seminar, he outlines the challenges they experienced in relation to the translation and examines the importance of its publication in the context of contemporary Galician culture. The seminar will be followed by a Q&A session and discussion, after which a selection of excerpts from Joyce’s novel will be read in English by Dr Daragh O’Connell (UCC) and in Galician by Queipo. A wine reception will bring the day’s events to a close.

Irish Centre for Galician Studies

O'Rahilly Building First Floor - Block B East Room 1.55