Microbiome Science

enhanced image with futuristic illustration of the intestines and microbiome

Microbiome science


These positions are being filled as part of UCC Futures - Food, Microbiome and Health.

UCC Futures is an ambitious new programme of research prioritisation, coupled with an innovative academic recruitment strategy spanning 10 strategically important indicative areas encompassing the humanities, arts, social sciences, STEM, health, business and law.

UCC Futures - Food, Microbiome and Health is a once in a generation opportunity to generate an ecosystem that will maximise the potential of our academic expertise and provide tangible, impactful, solutions in response to one of the most important global challenges of our time.


The following positions are available: 

  • Senior Lecturer in Microbiome Science
  • Senior Lecturer in Virology and Immunology
  • Lecturer in Microbiome and Health

UCC Futures - Food, Microbiome and Health