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About UCC Futures

The greatest global challenge of our time requires us to find equitable, sustainable and just solutions to the problems of climate change, hunger, poverty and social and health disparities among the world’s populations. The complexity of these global challenges requires experts from multiple disciplines and sectors to think radically and collaborate in new and re-imagined ways.

UCC Futures Explained

UCC Futures eco system diagram illustrating the ten thematic areas connected to the centreUCC Futures provides the creative, inclusive and transformative interdisciplinary platform that mines the frontiers of curious inquiry at the intersection of disciplines. This ambitious programme of research prioritisation coupled with an innovative academic recruitment strategy across ten thematic areas of strategic importance is building a foundation for economic, societal and cultural resilience and prosperity.

UCC Futures values excellence at every level in a truly connected knowledge ecosystem, enhancing the interdisciplinary collaborative environment to inspire, engage, and enable our research community, in partnership within the co-located clinical and enterprise ecosystem. We are creating a consciously better society through embedding the excellence of our research within our curriculum and ensuring our students are taught by world class research leaders within this connected knowledge ecosystem.

President's Message

In establishing UCC Futures, we will foster the collaboration and partnership that enables our researchers to respond with agility to evolving circumstance
and opportunity.

Professor John O'Halloran

President of UCC

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A Warm Welcome

UCC welcomes researchers who think radically, are inclusive and connect diversity of thought for maximum, sustainable, economic, societal and cultural resilience and prosperity.

Professor John F. Cryan

Vice President, Research and Innovation, UCC

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UCC Futures

Todhchaíochtaí UCC

Office of Vice President for Research and Innovation | 4th Floor | Block E, Food Science Building | UCC,