Mode of Teaching Delivery, On-Campus Activity and Timetables

Our priority is to provide a high quality educational experience, offering our students as much face to face time as possible whilst keeping students and staff safe. To comply with government guidelines and to ensure the safety of both our students and staff, the majority of our degree programmes will be delivered in a blended fashion in 2020-2021. This means students will engage in both online learning (live online events and pre-made online content) and on-campus learning (in-person sessions at UCC).  How each programme will be delivered depends on a number of factors including the discipline being studied, the class size, external accreditation requirements and of course public health guidelines.

Important Start of Term Update

In line with a Government direction on Friday 25 Sep 2020, UCC, along with all universities in the country, introduced enhanced public health protection measures from Monday, 28 September 2020 until Friday, 9 October 2020

UCC understands this is a challenging time for our students and staff and we will work together to support our community during this period. Please continue to adhere to the Health Service Executive’s advice on preventing the spread of Covid-19. 

This Government direction has implications for teaching delivery and on-campus activity. Your timetable has not changed but the mode of delivery for your classes may well have. 

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

  • In accordance with the Government’s directions, lectures shall be delivered online to the maximum extent possible during this period of enhanced protective measures.
  • Lab-based, clinical, and practical based tuition may continue on campus in accordance with the existing arrangements already in place on campus.
  • Programme Directors and Module Co-ordinators shall communicate these changes in lecture/tutorial arrangements to students via Canvas and/or email. Students should check their student email and Canvas for alerts about lectures/tutorials next week and during this period.
  • Any assessments which may be scheduled in the coming week will proceed as planned unless students are notified otherwise by your Programme Director/Module Co-ordinator. 


Incoming undergraduate students

Timetable and delivery information will be available once you have registered for your programme and modules. Further information can be found on our incoming first year website

All other students

Timetable and delivery information will be available once you register for your subjects/modules. You will need to complete the following steps:

  • Registration must be completed in order to deliver your detailed timetable
  • You will be able to register for your programme and modules through MyStudentAdmin
  • Once registered, your overall timetable of core modules will be populated through Canvas
  • Your complete and personalised time table containing elective modules, tutorials and class groups will follow at a later stage once all students have registered and all class sizes and module selections have been finalised.
  • If you are in doubt about your timetable, please contact your programme or module coordinator in the first instance. 


The library will remain open during this period of enhanced protective measures and existing infection control measures in the Boole Library will continue to apply including 2 metre physical distancing and the mandatory use of face coverings by library users. Please note that occupancy levels in the Boole Library are reduced at present as a result of the physical distancing measures in place.


Current onsite research activities will continue during this period.

Student Activities

  • On campus/in person social and societies activities will be postponed during this period of enhanced protective measures in line with the Government’s guidance.
  • Certain sporting activities may be permitted where indicated by the sport’s national governing body. 

Staff Working Arrangements

  • Staff should continue to work remotely during the period of these enhanced protective measures save where staff attendance on campus is necessary in order to perform your duties. If you have any queries about attendance on campus, please consult with your line manager.
  • Staff may attend on campus for the purposes of delivering online lectures if necessary.
  • Meetings between staff members should take place by virtual means

Campus Services and Amenities

  • Áras na MacLéinn, the Mardyke Arena and the Glucksman Gallery will remain open subject to existing occupancy levels and infection control measures already in place.
  • Most restauraunts/ cafes on campus will remain open, some will operate differently, please check their respective websites.


  • Any scheduled on campus events will be postponed, cancelled or will take place online during the period of these enhanced protective measures.

Campus Accommodation

  • UCC Campus Accommodation remains open and is not impacted by the latest Government announcement. 

Get further information from your College

We understand that this is a challenging time and you may have immediate questions around how much time you will need to be on campus. Our aim is to give you as much information as possible on time tables and modes of delivery. However, please note that this information maybe subject to change in line with the latest government guidelines.  For queries about time tables and modes of delivery, contact your college:

Community Charter

UCC has developed a Community Charter which is a set of principles for UCC’s students and staff to reaffirm their commitment towards the shared responsibility of protecting our community. The community charter forms part of student and staff return to campus induction. Make sure you complete these modules in Canvas

Covid-19 information