This bibliography was begun under the auspices of the De Finibus Project in 2009, with the aim of creating and making available an ever-expanding catalogue of sources relevant to anyone interested in the field of medieval Irish eschatological and apocryphal literature. In the process of compiling this bibliography for the project I have adopted an inclusive approach, extending to sources which possibly exceed the limits of the field as such, but which may nonetheless prove useful as background literature or contextualising material. In adapting the bibliography to form part of The End and Beyond: Medieval Irish Eschatology, various modifications have been necessary. Most notably, its scope has been broadened to incorporate all of the references supplied in contributions to the volume. The complete bibliography is now available here and it is hoped it will prove useful to all those interested in the subject. I further refer the reader to the complementary bibliographies available on the CELT, AELAC and Hell-On-Line webpages.

De Finibus Bibliography (2014): published in The End and Beyond (2014), ed. J. Carey, et al., pp 855-912.

Nicole Volmering

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