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COVID-19 Applications

A dedicated  National Research Committee (NREC) COVID19 will review all COVID-19-related studies that fall under the definition of health research as set out in the Health Research Regulations 2018  in SI 314 of 2018 (SI 314) – which means that it will consider across  the full spectrum of human health research including basic research, translational research, clinical research, diagnostics and treatment, population health research,  social research, health services research and applied health policy research. Any applications that meet these criteria should be directed to the NREC COVID19.

THE NREC COVID 19 have developed an FAQ which they hope will be helpful in answering some of the questions you or your colleagues may have -

Please note If you have already submitted your application to the CREC, you are not obliged to withdraw it. This is down to the discretion of the applicant and the local REC in question. The answer is likely to differ on a case by case basis depending on when the CREC can review your proposal and/or whether you need a HRCDC or HPRA review. You may choose to let it proceed with the local REC if it can accommodate an expedited review or you may decide to send to the NREC-COVID-19 to ensure an expedited review and co-ordination with other bodies. The important thing is that you don’t send it to both.

CREC - Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Cork Teaching Hospitals


The Clinical Research Ethics Committee can be contacted by email at

Information on making submissions and application manuals can be obtained by emailing Please note that information from other sources may not be in line with CREC policies.

Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained by emailing


Completed applications must arrive at the Clinical Research Ethics Committee office before or at the latest 4.30pm on the last day for submission.

Note: Applications that arrive after 4.30pm on the deadline date WILL NOT (under any circumstances) be put forward for review at the next meeting. They will be held over until the next deadline date.

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Clinical Research Ethics Committee

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