Disability and Carer Supports

1. Disability and Carer Supports

The Disability Federation of Ireland  is closely monitoring the ongoing situation with a dedicated Covid 19 and Disability online resource. This website provides:

Family Carers Ireland have a helpline at 1800 240724 and have produced a dedicated information and advice webpage that outlines the meaning and impact of the different levels, including level 5, and an explanation of the permitted “social bubble”. Additionally, they have produced the following supports:

2. Supports for the Deaf Community and those who are Hard of Hearing

The Irish Deaf Society has worked with the support of HSE Ireland to create an ISL video version of the HSE Coronavirus Covid-19 Public Health Advice Booklet that is arriving by post to all households in Ireland. There is a lot of information and the booklet is split into 5 videos. At the bottom of the page there is an updated video about contacting your GP and Covid 19 testing.

The Irish Deaf Society has a dedicated webpage that provides news, events and Covid-19 IDS support including the following videos:

The IDS has posted a free face visor to each of its members and has recorded a video to show how to put on and wear the face visor.

Deaf Irish Sign language users can also get information on Covid -19 by using the Irish Remote Interpreting Services available at www.slis.ie. IRIS enables organisations to communicate with deaf clients , giving them access to their services and fully complying with Equal Status and Disability Organisations.

Family Law Resources during COVID-19