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Course Code: CKA15 Full-time; CKA41 Part-time

Course Title: Spanish

College: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences


Duration: 1 year Full-time; 2 years Part-time

Teaching Mode: Full-time, Part-Time

The part-time option will be taught during weekday working hours over 2 years.

Qualifications: HDip in Arts

NFQ Level: Level 8

Costs: 2017/2018 Irish/EU €6,000 full-time; €3,000 per year part-time

Entry Requirements: You will already have a degree, preferably in the area of Arts or the Sciences

Closing Date: Applications now closed for 2017/2018

Next Intake: September 2018


The Higher Diploma in Arts (Spanish) is intended for those who already have a degree and who wish to study the subject intensively over one academic year full time or two academic years part time. It is aimed at graduates who may want to be considered for a master’s course in the area of Hispanic studies subsequently (but do not have an honours degree in the field) or who may want to add the subject of the Higher Diploma in Arts to their qualifications.

Registration with the Teaching Council:  For applicants who are taking the Higher Diploma with a view to Teaching Council subject registration, the Higher Diploma in Arts Music is recognised by the Teaching Council for the purposes of a teaching subject at post primary level.   


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please note that the Higher Diploma in Arts programme is NOT the teacher training programme.  Graduates must complete the Professional Master of Education to qualify as a secondary school teacher.  Please see www.ucc.ie/en/pec01 for further details.

Course Details

Higher Diploma in Arts (Spanish) students take credits to the value of 60 from a range of second- and final-year modules in Spanish language and culture. You will normally take modules HS3012 and HS3001 (10 credits) and are recommended to take HS2063 and HS3063 (5 credits each). In addition, you must take EITHER six courses from the list below (subject to change) OR four courses from the list AND a further 2 from:

LL2001 Modernism in European Film (5 credits)
LL2003 The Classical Tradition (5 credits)
LL3001: Postmodern European Cinema (5 credits)
LL3002 Travel Writing (5 credits)
(LL module course descriptions available from Department of Hispanic Studies)

Please click HERE for a list of the modules and course descriptions for the Higher Diploma in Arts – Spanish

Please see the College Book of Modules for information and descriptions of modules for the current academic year.

Registration with the Teaching Council:  For applicants who are taking the Higher Diploma with a view to Teaching Council subject registration, the Higher Diploma is recognised by the Teaching Council for teacher subject registration in Spanish.   In general, if you wish to qualify with Spanish as a teaching subject, you are advised to refer to the school curriculum and match the modules to that broad field.  Modules are chosen in consultation with the programme coordinator in September.  

Many subjects have discipline-specific requirements and you are advised to check the requirements for the subject area by consulting the following:

Detailed Entry Requirements

• You will already have a degree, preferably in the area of arts or the social sciences

• You will have some background knowledge of Spanish

• But will not normally have studied Spanish language or culture to honours degree level previously

Important Note:  Please note that the Higher Diploma in Arts programme is NOT a teacher training programme.  Graduates must apply for the Postgraduate Master of Education teacher training programme to qualify as a secondary school teacher, please see http://www.ucc.ie/en/pec01

If you are applying with Qualifications obtained outside Ireland and you wish to verify if you meet the minimum academic and English language requirements for this programme please click here to view the grades comparison table by country and for details of recognised English language tests. 

Application Procedure

Application for this programme is on-line at www.pac.ie/ucc. Places on this programme are offered in rounds. The closing dates for each round can be found here. For full details of the application procedure click How to apply.

Please note you will be required to answer specific additional supplementary questions as part of the online applications process for this programme. A copy of these supplementary question are available to view here: CKA15AdditionalQuestions (50kB) ans CKA41AdditionalQuestions (50kB)

Course Practicalities

Three contact hours per week for language modules and one for elective modules are to be generally expected. The amount of reading hours would depend greatly on the subjects of the your choice.


Assessment varies depending on the specific subjects. Assessment methods include presentations, essays, exams and class tests, learning journals and portfolios.

Who Teaches This Course

The course is taught by staff in the Department of Hispanic Studies, a group of academics with vast expertise in their own fields who teach and produce research in areas including Spanish, Portuguese, Galician and Catalan language and culture, Latin American studies, art and literature in the Spanish Golden Age and Hispanic theatre.

Find out more about our staff http://www.ucc.ie/en/hispanicstudies/people/


Contact us

E: Dr. Martin Veiga

P: + 353 21 490 2108
W: Website

Related Courses:

Professional Master of Education (second level teacher training programme)

MA in Languages and Culture

MA in Translation Studies

Please click on the Module codes below for course descriptions

HS2102 Second Year Spanish Language (Ex-Non-Beginners) (10 credits)
HS2006 An Introduction to Golden-Age Literature (5 credits)
HS2008 Business, Culture and Society in Spain and Portugal (5 credits)
HS2009 Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Writing from Spain (5 credits)
HS2010 Texts and Contexts in the Hispanic World (5 credits)
HS2011 Contemporary Hispanic Theatre (5 credits)
HS2020 Portuguese Language I (5 credits)
HS2021 Portuguese Studies I (5 credits)
HS2022 Catalonia and the Catalan Language I (5 credits)
HS2023 Catalan Cultural Studies I (5 credits)
HS2024 Galician Language I (5 credits)
HS2025 Galician Studies I (5 credits)
HS2026 Linguistic Aspects of Spanish (5 credits)
HS2044 Golden Age Art & Literature (5 credits)
HS2046 Chicano Literature (5 credits)
HS2057 Cinema and Identity in Spain and Latin America (5 credits)
HS2063 Dissertation (5 credits)
HS3001 Final Year Spanish Language Course (10 credits)
HS3004 Culture and Society in the Hispanic World (5 credits)
HS3005 History and Society in Spanish Literature (5 credits)
HS3006 Cultural Identity in the Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) World (5 credits)
HS3007 Aspects of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (5 credits)
HS3008 The Linguistics of Spanish (5 credits)
HS3009 Cultural Interfaces with the Hispanic World: Building Research Skills Through Tandem Learning (Spanish/English) (5 Credits)
HS3010 Stages of Exile in Hispanic Theatre (5 credits)
HS3020 Portuguese Language II (5 credits)
HS3021 Portuguese Studies II (5 credits)
HS3022 Catalonia and the Catalan Language II (5 credits)
HS3023 Catalan Cultural Studies II (5 credits)
HS3024 Galician Language II (5 credits)
HS3025 Galician Studies II (5 credits)
HS3031 Truth and Fiction in Cervantes' Novelas Ejemplares (5 credits)
HS3044 Golden Age Drama (5 credits)
HS3054 Women and Popular Fiction in Mexico since 1980 (5 credits)
HS3063 Dissertation (5 credits) 

 *Please note, HS3012 is a new module for next year that has just recently been submitted and is not available to view online yet.


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