PhD (Social Science)

PhD (Social Science) - GREP

PhD (Social Science) - GREP

PhD (Social Science) - GREP

What is PhD (Social Science) - GREP?

Duration:  3 years full-time; 6 years, part-time;

The PhD (Social Science) is a three year (full-time) or six year (part-time) structured postgraduate academic degree aimed at graduates of social policy, sociology, applied social studies, government, politics, anthropology and cognate disciplines who wish to pursue research in the general areas of globalisation, policy analysis, civil society, the state, active citizenship and culture.

The programme is an initiative of the School of Applied Social Studies, UCC. It aims to produce highly-skilled social researchers who can contribute to the development of society and the public sphere as autonomous social research professionals, as cutting edge academic social theorists or as critically informed leaders in civil society, statutory or market organisations.

During their programme of study, students will take course work to the value of 30 credits, at least 10 of which must be taken from graduate modules in Applied Social Studies.  Generic skills modules (e.g. as offered by the CACSSS Graduate School) or other relevant modules may be taken to the value of the remaining credits, depending on the approval of the PhD Social Science programme team.  Students will be required to participate in peer learning groups and seminars as prescribed by the PhD Social Science programme team.

Further Information

The award of the PhD (Social Science) is contingent on the successful completion of a PhD dissertation not exceeding 80,000 words.  In approved cases, submission of a designated number of extended articles of publishable quality may be accepted in place of the major research dissertation.

Entry requirements: A candidate must normally hold at minimum a Second Class Honours Master's Degree in Social Policy, Sociology or a related discipline.  In exceptional circumstances, applications may be accepted from candidates holding a First Class Honours Undergraduate Degree.

How to Apply

For further enquiries, please contact the GREP team:

Within Ireland (021) 4903070 

Outside of Ireland ++353 21 4903070

School of Applied Social Studies

Staidéar Sóisialta Feidhmeach

William Thompson House, Donovan's Road, Cork, Ireland.