UCC Staff and Researchers

UCC AgriDiet Team

UCC AgriDiet Team

UCC AgriDiet Team

Pictured above from left to right are Dr Nick Chisholm, Dr Edward Lahiff, Professor Nora O'Brien, Dr Tom O'Connor, Dr Kathy Glavanis, (from bottom left to right) Chanyalew Seyoum Aweke, Kedir Teja Robi, Zenebe Abraha Kahsay and Stephen Thornhill

The UCC AgriDiet team comprised:


  • Dr Nick Chisholm - Principal Investigator of AgriDiet and Head of International Development in the Food Business and Development Department
  • Professor Nora O'Brien - Professor in the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Dr Edward Lahiff - Lecturer in Food Business and Development Department
  • Dr Kathy Glavanis - Lecturer in Sociology
  • Dr Tom O'Connor - Lecturer in Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Mr Stephen Thornhill - AgriDiet Project Manager and Lecturer in Food Business and Development 

UCC AgriDiet PhD Researchers

  • Mr Chanyalew Seyoum Aweke - Lecturer in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension at Haramaya University, Ethiopia
  • Mr Kedir Teja Robi - Lecturer in Public Health and Epidemiology at Haramaya University, Ethiopia
  • Mr Zenebe Abraha Kahsay - Lecturer in Natural Resource Economics and Management at Mekelle University, Ethiopia 

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