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AgriDiet Team Contact Details

The Agridiet Project has concluded. For information or to retrieve documentation please contact: 

AgriDiet Project Manager

Agridiet Project

This is the UCC website for the AgriDiet project. The main AgriDiet website is no longer online. 

AgriDiet was a 3-year project to improve our understanding of the linkages between agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Our research is focussed on the most vulnerable people in food-insecure rural communities, especially women and infants.

AgriDiet was led by University College Cork, and our partners were from Ireland (University College Dublin), the UK (Institute of Development Studies), Ethiopia (Ethiopian Development Research Institute, Mekelle University and Haramaya University) and Tanzania (Sokoine University and St Augustine's University). 

We conducted research on how agriculture affects the nutrition of vulnerable people from various perspectives; how national policies and programmes are targeted and implemented, how regional and local agricultural systems and value chains influence nutrition and how agriculture affects the nutritional outcomes of households and individuals in selected food-insecure sites.

The project involved detailed household surveys in Ethiopia and Tanzania by six PhD researchers, three from Ethiopia supervised by UCC and three from Tanzania supervised by UCD. The research teams in both countries involve both agricultural / rural development specialists and nutritionists. 

In addition the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) led a review of the latest research on how agriculture can improve nutrition, whilst our Ethiopian and Tanzanian partners led the research on national policies, local agricultural systems and examples of successful pro-nutrition agricultural interventions in each country.

AgriDiet was funded by Irish Aid and the Higher Education Authority of Ireland.  

Agridiet Research Project