Dr Jamie Coughlan

Dr Jamie Coughlan

I have been working on the molecular genetics of a range of species (mostly marine or anadromous) for the past 15 years and was recently appointed as Senior Researcher for the Beaufort Marine Research Award in Fish Population Genetics.  My main areas of interest involve aspects of Atlantic salmon population genetics, using a wide range of different molecular techniques and data analysis methods, with special reference to population differentiation and discrimination (Genetic Stock Identification) in mixed fisheries.  Other species and projects of interest include marine species (e.g. Atlantic cod and orange roughy) population genetics; differentiation and assignment for migratory species (e.g. sea trout and brown trout); the genetic effects of aquaculture practices (especially salmon, turbot and cod).  I'm currently analysing the very large data set generated by the National Atlantic SALMON Genetic Stock Identification project (microsatellite genotypes from over 8000 individuals sampled from more than 80 Irish rivers).  This involves describing the genetic differentiation between rivers and populations (which can then be used as a BASELINE for the assignment of over 6000 fishery samples) but also investigating how the different populations are related or form parts of evolutionary lineages. I also act as a population genetics consultant to various National Agencies and is also involved with a number of International projects (e.g. SALSEA-merge).


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