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New 2021/2022 Online Payroll process for UCC PLUS+ Tutors in our Linked Deis Secondary Schools


Thank you for your hard work in supporting students from our linked Deis secondary schools with exam preparation,  to enable them to achieve their best potential in progressing to third level education.  Your school is responsible for recruiting you and allocating your hours to you.   We at Access UCC PLUS are responsible for ensuring accurate and timely payment of your tutoring salary, once you read and follow the instructions below in full. 

Key Responsibility for Tutors:

  • You must claim for your pay on a regular, monthly basis rather than stockpiling it. 
  • It is important to keep your own personal record of exact dates and hours worked throughout the year as UCC PLUS+ does not record this level of detail and you will need it for accurate and Department of Social Welfare requests to be processed by your school and not UCC. You will receive an email after each claim is processed showing what details you have entered in your online form.  Please keep these for your own records.  Check your spam folder regularly.

All tutoring hours will need to be claimed by the Tutor themselves, via an online form where supporting documents are uploaded as proof of hours worked.  The supporting documents are (A) a photo , PDF or scan of your bank statement and  (B) a photo , pdf or scan of a school proof of hours worked statement supplied by your School GC/Admin Office.  (All data is collected solely for the purpose of payment of salary owed and HEA reporting requirements and under UCC compliance with GDPR data protection guidelines.) 

  1. Only one online form can be created per person for the year, using their PPS number as their unique identifier, so please read these instructions before you begin your online claim. 
  2. On your first visit to the new online form in 2021/22 click here: INSERT COGNITO LINK HERE
  3. You only need to complete all questions and upload a bank statement proof in Sections 1-4 just ONCE - these details are then stored and retrieved each subseqent time you log in to claim
  4. Complete Section 5 - Monthly hours claimed, on each visit  and upload a school hours worked proof for each time you are claiming to exactly match those hours.
  5. We process your form after the 10th deadline and email you a unique weblink to return to, which retrieves all your stored personal details for all return visits to make future monthly pay claims easier throughout the year 21/22.
  6. You can make one transaction per payroll month which runs from the 11th of one month to the 10th of another month. You can however uplod up to 3 schools proofs in that one monthly transaction.
  7. Please check your spam folder for any automated emails from or University College Cork 
  8. Claim as frequently as possble, ideally month by month - do not stockpile hours until the end of the school year. 


Samples of Uploaded proofs required (these can be photos or PDFs) :



Doc A - Bank Statement showing BIC and IBAn and Your name and Address:Doc B - Official School Proof of hours worked
Upload once only on your first visit to the online form  Upload each time you make a claim afterwards, skipping to Section 5 of the online form


More detailed Instructions: How to claim for hours worked each month:

  • Step 1: Your first time making a pay claim in 2021/22, is via this introductory REGISTRATION LINK : you will first need to complete online - your contract, all personal details, bank details and upload a photo or scan of your bank statement as a support document proof. We recommend using a laptop or computer rather than a mobile device to download a bank statement from your online banking (if you no longer receive statements in the post)  and then make a photo or scan of it to upload into the online payform.  This is the only acceptable proof . You only need to do this once in the year not every month you claim.  
  • Step 2 : In the same online  form you then input your 1st set of hours worked underneath and upload your school proof document to verify your hours. Your link teacher / school secretary will need to approve this document for you.  Here is a sample copy of this proof document you will need to upload each month. 
  • Step 3: We will process your first ever claim after the payroll deadline of the 10th of the month (except Christmas - Dec 2nd) and email you your own unique weblink to your stored personal survey to return to each subsequent month to claim for any further hours worked in the year. Please check yoru spam folder for emaisl from 
  • Step 4 : Each month afterwards- Click your personal survey link in the email sent from - All your personal and bank details are stored and retrieved from your 1st visit, - you just need to answer 3 short questions and upload your school proof document to verify your hours. 
  • For all payroll queries please ensure you have read our FAQ below before contacting us via email stating your full name, pps number, 5-digit UCC staff number (on each payslip) and what school you work for. 


  • FURTHER DETAILS ABOUT SUPORTING DOCUMENTS: supporting documents to the online pay form to validate your claim, each month (Tech Guide to upload Payroll proofs to online form): 
    • Document A - is a ONCE-OFF proof/verification of your BIC and IBAN bank account details to ensure accurate payment and as an an anti-fraud measure. This MUST be a photo or screenshot OR PDF of your bank statement. you will see a sample copy of the exact required document in the form. 
    • Document B - School Proof of hours worked form- to be completed for each month you claim by you and your school before uploading to the online form.  Please Note: the total hours figure you claim for on the online form in a month must match the validated numer of hours given in the proof document from the school that you uploaded that month.  if not then we have to freeze payment pending clarification.    

All data is collected solely for the purpose of payment of salary owed and HEA reporting requirements and under UCC compliance with GDPR data protection guidelines.  



If your payroll issue is not addressed in the topics below, please email us at stating your full name, pps number, 5-digit ucc staff number (if known - see previous month's payslip) and what school you work for, and a brief note about the issue.

I can't find the web link to access the form:

  • the first time you ever make a claim and register your details in the new academic year 2021/22 you use this weblink:
  • after you complete the form for the 1st time and we process it, we email you from a unique weblink personalised to you to use again each time on all subsequent visits.  Each time you claim again and we process it - the link will be resent automatically to you.


When will I get paid?

UCC pays all staff, monthly, in arrears, on the last working day of the month, directly into their supplied bank account details, via electronic funds transfer. So for example if you submiited hours on the 20th May ( after the May 10th deadline) you will not be paid until June 30th. 

Why can I not stockpile my hours to be paid in just one month?

UCC's payroll system is a monthly system and can only record that you worked up to a maximum of five RSI weeks for each month you claim. (Please note we do not record actual days/dates worked so it is a tutor's responsibility to keep a personal record of dates worked). If you worked for 25 weeks in the academic year 2021/22 and only claim for it over a max of five weeks in May for example,  this will not reflect an accurate pattern of RSI weeks worked by you in the year 2020/21 for your social welfare (sick leave / unemployment benefit) and your revenue/tax records.  Please contact or the DEASP directly for further general information on RSI weeks.

What is the timing of a payroll month?

Because our payroll deadlines are mid-month ( To allow time to process and pay your claim) a UCC payroll month runs from the 11th to the 10th of the following month

Can I just email with my supporting documents?  

Unfortunately not.  For audit purposes, the only acceptable method for making pay claims is via the offical online payroll form, your personal link to which you will be sent from after your first time making a claim . These measures are for your security, to protect your bank details, your data protection rights and as an anti-fraud measure. 

How do I upload a document to the Online Payform Website?

UCC PLUS+ has aimed to mirror common practice in banking and for data collection of personal and financial data.  For your assistance *** PLEASE SEE HERE There is further guidance contained within the online form itself 

Can I post or hand in my pay claim and supporting documents?  

Unfortunately not.  UCC has switched to an online payroll process only for School tutoring hours. 

Can I claim separately for each different class I teach?

No,  please combine all that month's hours into one claim.  It's best to make one online pay claim each month combining all hours / classes you teach,  before the 10th deadline of each month ,   Please Note: No matter what total hours figure you claim for on the online form in one transaction, if it doesn't match the validated numer of hours given in the proof document from the school that you uploaded, then we have to freeze payment pending clarification, so this may delay your pay by a month while we resolve the discrepancy with you.  You can upload more than one proof document at a time -  so long as the  the total claim matches the combined hours shown on the school proofs.

However, we strongly recommend that you do keep your own personal breakdown of details of these different class years/ subjects taught,  for both your own and your school Link Teacher's records.  

Can I change / edit my monthly online claim form?

Before the deadline of the 10th of the month,  you can save the information you input as you go and come back to complete it later using the personal weblink automaticaly emailed to you when you hit the SAVE button.  However, once you hit submit at the end, the information will have been sent off to us and can't be altered.  Incomplete or inaccurate application forms not completed  by the 10th of the month cannot be processed that month. 
Please Note: No matter what total hours figure you claim for on the online form in one transaction, if it doesn't match the validated numer of hours given in the proof email from the school that you uploaded, then we have to freeze payment pending clarification, so this may delay your pay by a month while we resolve the discrepancy with you.   (Tech Guide to upload Payroll proofs to online form)

How do I get a copy of my contract?

You can download a copy of your survey with your completed answers after you hit SUBMIT on your first ever visit to the form.

You may need a copy of the contract for or DEASP when making a DEASP illness or unemployment benefit claim at any point in the academic year 2021/22.  Your contract includes an 8% holiday pay entitlement on all hours worked throughout the academic year 2021/22.  The contract year runs from Sept 2021 to August 2022

I emailed but have yet to receive a reply.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, closed for an hour at lunch. We aim to reply within 3 working days.  If you do not receive a reply within this timeframe please email us again and also check your junk email folder in case our reply was sent and got diverted by your spam settings.    As staff are still partly working from home we can't guarantee incoming phone calls will always be answered or enable you to reach the correct person but we can phone you back from our phone app if you email a suitable time and contact number to reach you on during normal business hours. 

Where do I get my UCC staff number?

It is a five digit number which will be on your previous month's payslip from UCC.  Quoting your UCC staff number online and in any queries to us, helps speed up the main UCC Payroll Office's response times to your queries we pass on to them.  If you have never worked for UCC before in a previous school year or in any capacity, then a new UCC staff number will be assigned to you when you first make a claim and are paid. The UCC staff number is separate to any other staff number you may have been given directly by your school for other work with them, outside of the ACCESS UCC PLUS Tutoring hours.

Where can I get a Social Welfare ( DEASP) or Revenue form stamped?

Please contact your School's admin office directly as only schools can provide a stamp/verification of dates worked for any tutor's Revenue and DEASP (social welfare) official claim forms.  UCC PLUS+ does not gather or store this date-specific / work rota pattern data on your behalf, in our Online Claim form.  

When is the monthly payroll deadline?

The monthly deadline for completing the online survey in full, including both required uploaded documents, is the 10th of each month.  The exception is at Christmas due to University closure , this can be as early as the 2nd or 3rd of December.  Incomplete online applications cannot be paid. Completed Online applications made after the 10th will be paid at the end of the following calendar month. 

  • For all payroll queries please email stating your full name, pps number, 5-digit ucc staff number (if known) and what school you work for.



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