Disability Support

What Is Disability Support?

Disability Support provides a confidential, professional and accessible service for students with disabilities or those requiring adjustments for other reasons. We have a team of Advisers who are available to help you ensure equal opportunity, access and attainment for students within University College Cork.

What Support Does the Disability Support Department Provide?

  • Supports based on the outcome of your needs assessment.
  • Support Advisor to facilitate your transition to university life and onward to finishing your degree.
  • Reasonable accommodations in examinations.
  • Assistive Technology support.
  • A customised Disability Support Canvas course tailored for individual disabilities.
  • On-going personal support and guidance from academic mentors and the Access UCC Staff.

How Do I Register With Disability Support?

How Can I Provide Evidence of My Disability to Receive Support at UCC?

University College Cork provides a variety of supports for students with disabilities or learning difficulties. In order to access these disability supports, you are required to submit evidence of your disability. This evidence is used to assess the impact of your disability and ensure that you receive appropriate support.

Please refer to our Guide to providing evidence of your disability for support in UCC to find out your requirements.

We now accept Evidence of Disability from your GP or other Health Practitioner.  Please see the Evidence of Disability Form.

How Do I Learn More About the Resources Available to Me?

Once you register for Disability Support, you will be enrolled on the Disability Support Canvas Course, which will provide you with relevant resources, facilitated by your disability advisor to help your transition to college life and onward progression to finishing your degree.


How Can I Contact Disability Support?

The Disability Support department is located on the 1st floor, The Hub Building, UCC Main Campus, College Road, Cork, UCC.

Please contact dssinfo@ucc.ie with your full name, surname and CAO/Student number if you have any queries and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days during regular daytime office hours.

Is Registration Different for Students Outside the Republic of Ireland?

If you are a student from outside the EU, you must apply through the International Office

It is recommended that you contact Disability Support in UCC before accepting a place at University College Cork so that we can advise you on the types of support available. Incoming International and Erasmus, Visiting or Exchange students should apply for funded support in their home country and/or home university before arrival.

Students from the UK (England, Scotland, and Wales) are not eligible for support that may have been recommended in their Disability Student Allowance application in the UK. UK students with disabilities will be able to register for disability supports offered to all other students with disabilities, and supports will be identified as part of a Needs Assessment.  Please make sure to review disability supports provided by UCC and exam accommodations (e.g. human note takers are now replaced, wherever possible, by lecture capture or assistive technology) when deciding on studying abroad.

You will need to email a copy of your evidence of disability when applying for reasonable accommodations in UCC to dssinfo@ucc.ie.

Please note

  • A letter listing your exam accommodations is not sufficient. 
  • Reasonable accommodations that apply in your home country may not be applicable in UCC –The Accommodations that Incoming International students receive in UCC may differ from those accommodations received in the student’s home institution. Reasonable Accommodations for Incoming students will be identified as part of a Needs Assessment and in line with UCC and DAWN guidelines
  • Evidence of disability must be provided in English. 
  • Evidence of disability not originally in English must be translated by a recognised professionally recognised translator.

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