Information for staff

Below are the supports that Access UCC provides to staff within University College Cork. We offer a wide range of support and initiatives specifically designed to help you enhance the student experience; feel free to explore and find the support you need.

Staff SharePoint Site

SharePoint is a website created to enhance staff communication and collaboration. Its resources include administrative documents, workspaces, and information directly intended for the staff. 

Please see the following SharePoint Site below to learn more about how Access UCC can support staff.

Quick fixes to make accessible content

  • Use the Accessibility Checker function on all documents that are for public use. 
  • Structure documents using the inbuilt styles e.g. headings, bulleted lists.
  • Use plain English and short sentences.
  • Use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Calabri and Verdana.
  • Make hyperlinks clear and descriptive so it is obvious what you are linking to. Never use raw hyperlinks "" or "click here".
  • Add alternative text (or Alt text) to images to describe them for screen readers. 
  • Add captions to videos and text descriptions for infographics.
  • Understand how to export content to multiple formats e.g. PDF, Word, Video, MP3

More guidelines on making information accessible can be found on the link below:

Universal Design for Learning

In an attempt to support colleagues across the university, guidelines on how all staff members may create and nurture an inclusive environment for everyone are compiled here. These guidelines are based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL; CAST, 2018), an evidence-based scientific framework. The UDL framework allows us to consider how best we can ensure inclusive experiences for everyone, regardless of ability. UDL principles are based on the idea that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ or ‘average’ student, and that all students learn and interact differently. 

Please see the following webpage page below to learn more about Universal Design for Learning:

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