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What is the Professor Fluffy Programme?

Professor Fluffy is a model designed by the University of Liverpool to widen participation in third-level education in disadvantaged areas. The approach aims with primary school teachers in Cork City DEIS schools, to inform primary school children in 5th Class about the educational opportunities available to them.  The programme uses the Professor Fluffy and Friends characters to raise awareness of the impact of education on improving career and life opportunities and fosters an understanding of the concept of choice.

The earlier a child thinks about the future, and the earlier they set their goals high, the more likely they are to achieve them. By showing primary-age children what higher education is, we can give them something to aim for. It also shows them that higher education and education is not all about subjects that you study in school; it can also be about your hobbies-: music, drama, dance or sports. By introducing primary children to higher education in a fun way we are helping them to see that higher education could be a choice for them.

The Professor Fluffy project has been customised for use by University College Cork and is called The Professor Fluffy Education Adventure.

What schools are the activities aimed at?

All our activities are organised via our linked  only and not direct with members of the public. For Non-DEIS schools interested in a campus visit, please get in touch with UCC's Visitor Centre.

Aims of the Programme

The project aims to:-

  • Raise awareness of further and higher education to children in primary schools in areas of low participation;
  • Enhance the cultural capital of participants;
  • Raise aspirations of young people;
  • Link students with local young people as role models;
  • Increase self-esteem;
  • Raise awareness of the concept of choice;
  • Raise awareness of further and higher education at primary school level;
  • Empower young people with a knowledge and vocabulary of Higher Education (e.g. “campus”, “degree”, “lecture”, “graduation”, etc.);  and
  • Raise the aspirations not only of the individual young people but of their families, through the active participation of parents/guardians.

Delivery of the Programme

This 5-lesson programme is delivered by the PLUS Programme and the 5th class teacher. 

PLUS Programme will deliver the 1st lesson in the classroom, and host a campus visit & graduation for the final lesson. 

For Non-DEIS schools interested in a campus visit, please get in touch with UCC's Visitor Centre.

Design a Bookmark Competition

Each November, DEIS primary schools in Cork City receive their Bookmark Competition Pack.

The winners of the "Design a Bookmark Competition" are hosted in UCC for World Book day.


Interactive Quiz

Play the Professor Fluffy's UCC Quiz with your class. 


Where do I find the PLUS Programme?

The PLUS Programme is found on the 1st floor, The Hub Building, UCC Main Campus, College Road, Cork, UCC.

Please contact with your full name, surname and CAO number if you have any queries and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days during regular daytime office hours.

Access UCC

First Floor, The Hub, Main Campus, UCC, T12 YF78,