Schools Outreach Programme

UCC PLUS+ Outreach programme - COVID-19 UPDATE

Our Programme of Outreach events to schools is largely postponed or moved online during the 2020/21 Covid-19 Lockdown measures.  We will be in direct contact with our 32 Linked Deis Schools with further details in Autumn 2020. 


The  UCC PLUS+ Schools Outreach Programme has been designed and developed in partnership with our DEIS schools and continuously evolves in response to the needs of students. UCC PLUS+ currently works with 31 linked secondary schools in Cork, Kerry and Waterford (List of Linked Schools).  The programme consists of a variety of activities and initiatives both school and campus-based from 1st year through to Leaving Cert.  The Aim of the Schools Outreach Programme is to:

  • Raise the aspirations of students and parents.
  • Establish connections between students, parents, school and UCC.
  • Introduce students to UCC and the UCC student experience.
  • Enhance students’ academic performance and their ability to compete for university places.
  • Promote the HEAR Scheme as a college entry mechanism.
  • Support students and parents in completing a HEAR application.


UCC PLUS+ Programme

UCC PLUS+, Access and Participation, First Floor, The Hub, UCC, T12 YF78