Working with Schools

Working with Schools

Working with Schools

The school outreach programme has been designed and developed in partnership with schools and continuously evolves in response to the needs of students. UCC PLUS+ currently works with 32 linked schools in Cork, Kerry and Waterford (List of Linked Schools).   The programme consists of a variety of activities and initiatives both school and campus-based from 1st year through to Leaving Cert

The Aim of the Schools Outreach Programme is to:


  • Raise the aspirations of students and parents.

  • Establish connections between students, parents, school and UCC.

  • Introduce students to UCC and the UCC student experience.

  • Enhance students’ academic performance and their ability to compete for university places.

  • Promote the HEAR Scheme as a college entry mechanism.

  • Support students and parents in completing a HEAR application.


‌ Junior Cycle Activties

Homework Clubs - 1st , 2nd & 3rd years

homework club

What is the Homework Club all about?

UCC Plus+ ‎Homework clubs run in a selection of Cork City linked schools. For eight weeks each term University students go out to schools and assist Junior cycle students with their homework. This is a great opportunity to learn study tips from college students and also hear all about college life. On the final week, school students are brought on campus for a tour with their tutors.

Xperience Camp- 1st years

UCC PLUS+ in collaboration with CIT Access Service offer a joint two-day camp ‘Xperience CIT & UCC Camp’ to first year students. Having successfully transitioned to second level and completed first year this camp offers students a unique, interactive and fun introduction to their local third level colleges and the UCC PLUS+ Programme. Students enjoy interactive workshops from each of the 4 colleges in UCC, a campus tour and activities in the Mardyke Arena. 

  Student Achievement Awards - 2nd Years

Student Achievement awards 12

The UCC PLUS+ Student Achievement Awards acknowledges the Potential, Endeavour and Effort of 2nd year students in key subject areas. Class teachers nominate two students in each subject area for the award. The subject are: Maths, English, Gaeilge and European Languages. The students are then invited with their parents / guardians and teachers to a prestigious Awards Ceremony in UCC. 

Science Camp - 2nd Year

  Chemistry experiment

This 1-day camp brings science learning to life in UCC. Students apply their science knowledge to use in hands-on practical laboratory sessions in the purpose-designed Eureka Centre. Students enjoy use of the state-of-the-art facilities and experience college life as a science student. The days ends with the amazing Chemistry Magic Show.

Extra Academic Support

UCC PLUS+ offer resources to schools to provide extra academic support to students in advance of their Junior Cert exams. These small group classes are free to students who may need extra help with exam subjects and can ensure they achieve their best academic performance in the exams.

Senior Cycle Activties


Gaeltacht Scholarship – Senior Cycle

The purpose of the UCC PLUS+ Gaeltacht Scholarship Programme is to encourage students’ interest in the Irish language and to enhance their academic performance in the subject. Schools can avail of a Gaeltacht Scholarship to organise a small group visit to the Gaeltacht, facilitate student’s participation in Irish revision programmes or a similar effective initiative to support student learning in Irish.

TRIZ - TY/5th Year

Triz cup 2012

TRIZ is a one-of-a-kind, high-energy, experiential learning journey for TY or 5th year students that will enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. This integrated invention and entrepreneurial programme teaches students the principles of TRIZ and guides them on how to become a successful entrepreneur. This 8-week programme delivered in school by TRIZ Innovator John McSweeney culminates in the school team competing for the TRIZ Cup for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on presentation day in UCC. TRIZ presentation day sees teams compete in the ‘Dragon’s Den’ before presenting their innovation to a panel of judges in a college auditorium.  

 Easter School - TY/5th Year

 Easter School is an activity-packed, fun-filled 5-day university taster programme where 200 TY and 5th year students enjoy a real UCC student experience. Spending each day on campus, students attend a variety of interactive workshops, lectures and participate in a host of activities that give them a real feel for student life. The purpose of the week is to offer students a taste of the many aspects of UCC that will inspire and encourage them to progress to third level.  

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C‌ampus Study Facility - Leaving Cert

A weekend study facility is available to Leaving Cert students on campus in UCC. This provides an ideal study environment for students and operates November to May each year. 

Extra Academic Support - Leaving Cert

UCC PLUS+ offer schools resources to provide extra academic support to students in advance of their Leaving Cert exams. These small group classes are free to students who may need extra help with exam subjects and can ensure they achieve their best academic performance in the exams.

Master Revision Classes - Leaving Cert

UCC PLUS+ in conjunction with the Eureka Centre, UCC offer students 1-day intensive premium quality revision classes, including laboratory practicals, to Leaving Cert students studying higher level Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The sessions are exam-focussed and are delivered by highly experienced lecturers and teachers.   

Oral Irish Revision Classes - Leaving Cert

In preparation for the Leaving Cert Irish exams, UCC PLUS+ offers high-quality intensive oral Irish revision classes. The purpose of the classes is to boost students’ confidence in their ability to speak Irish and fully prepare them for the oral exam. 

Leaving Cert School Visit - Leaving Cert

The UCC PLUS+ Project Coordinator visits linked schools each year to meet with Leaving Cert students and tell them about the fantastic degree programmes UCC has on offer. A class is also spent explaining the benefits of the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) Scheme and how students can apply. 

Pre-Entry Activities with Primary Schools

Outreach programmes are devised in partnership with schools and communities and include many of the following elements:

Professor Fluffy

Prof Fluffy Icon

Professor Fluffy is a model designed by the University of Liverpool to widen participation in third level education in disadvantaged areas. The approach aims to inform primary school children in 5th Class about the educational opportunities available to them.  The programme uses the Professor Fluffy and Friends characters to raise awareness of the impact of education on improving career and life opportunities, and fosters and understanding of the concept of choice.

The earlier a child thinks about the future, and the earlier they set their goals high, the more likely they are to achieve them. By showing primary age children what higher education is, we can give them something to aim for. It also shows them that higher education and education is not all about subjects that you study in school; it can also be about your hobbies-: music, drama, dance or sports. By introducing primary children to higher education in a fun way we are helping them to see that higher education could be a choice for them.

The Professor Fluffy project has been customised for use by University College Cork and is called The Professor Fluffy Education Adventure. The project aims to:-

  • Raise awareness of further and higher education to children in primary schools in areas of low participation;
  • Enhance the cultural capital of participants;
  • Raise aspirations of young people;
  • Link students with local young people as role models;
  • Increase self-esteem;
  • Raise awareness of the concept of choice;
  • Raise awareness of further and higher education at primary school level;
  • Empower young people with a knowledge and vocabulary of Higher Education (e.g. “campus”, “degree”, “lecture”, “graduation”, etc.); and
  • Raise the aspirations not only of the individual young people but of their families, through the active participation of parents/guardians.


 Primary School Visits to Campus

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