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The member of the Spatial and Regional Economics Research Centre have published over 60 peer reviewed academic journal articles. Research focuses on three main themes.  

[1] Spatial economic analysis
[2] Spatial analysis of Innovation and Firm Growth
[3] City and Regional Economics

The first theme is led by Justin Doran and focuses on the analysis of spatial phenomena. Its focus is the use of applied spatial and non-spatial econometrics, quantitative geographical information systems, and the geo-coding of data.

The second research theme focuses on the spatial effects of innovation and firm growth. This is led by Declan Jordan and Jane Bourke and focuses on the micro-economic underpinnings of regional development focusing on the firm as the unit of analysis.

The final research theme focuses on the City and Regional Economics. This is led by Frank Crowley and focuses on the development of, and role of, city regions. Given the central role economic development is to take in Ireland’s National Planning Framework this research theme will provide valuable insights and advice for policymakers.

Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Peer reviewed journal publications by members of the Centre since 2016 are listed below.  For a full list of publications please see each members IRIS profile linked in the People section of this site.

[1] Frank Crowley and Jane Bourke (2018) 'The influence of the manager on firm innovation in emerging economies'. International Journal of Innovation Management,
[2] Doran, J. and D. Jordan (2018) 'The effect of geographic proximity and rivalry on performance: Evidence from the English football league'. Regional Studies,
[3] O'Connor, S., E. Doyle, and J. Doran (2018) 'Diversity, employment growth and spatial spillovers amongst Irish regions'. Regional Science and Urban Economics,
[4] Doran, J. and B. Fingleton (2018) 'US Metropolitan Area Resilience: Insights from Dynamic Spatial Panel Estimation'. Environment and Planning A,
[5] Butler, D., R. Butler, J. Doran, and S. O'Connor (2018) 'Explaining International Footballer Selection through Poisson Modelling'. Journal of Economic Studies, 45 (2)
[6] Jane Bourke and Stephen Roper (2017) 'Innovation, quality management and learning: Short-term and longer-term effects'. Research Policy, 46 (8):1505-1518
[7] Frank Crowley and Jane Bourke (2017) 'The Infulence of the Manager on Firm innovation in Emerging Economies’. International Journal of Innovation Management,
[8] Christopher Fawsitt, Jane Bourke, Jennifer E Lutomski, Sarah Meaney, Brendan McElroy, Rosemary Murphy, Richard A Greene (2017) 'What women want: exploring pregnant women's preferences for alternative models of maternity care'. Health Policy,
[9] Fawsitt, Christopher G.; Bourke, Jane; Murphy, Aileen; McElroy, Brendan; Lutomski, Jennifer E.; Murphy, Rosemary; Greene, Richard A. (2017) 'A cost-benefit analysis of two alternative models of maternity care in Ireland'. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, [DOI] [CORA Link]
[10] Cronin J. & Bourke J. (2017) 'Value for money? An examination of the relationship between need and cost in intellectual disability services'. Health & Social Care In The Community, 25 (3):1227-1236
[11] Harrington, J.; Murphy, J.; Coleman, M.; Jordan, D.; Debuigne, T.; Szacsuri, G. (2017) 'Economic modelling of the management of dredged marine sediments'. Geology, Geophysics and Environment,
[12] Frank Crowley and Philip McCann (2017) 'Firm Innovation and Productivity in Europe: Evidence from Innovation Driven and Transition Driven Economies (forthcoming)'. Journal of Applied Economics,
[13] Frank Crowley (2017) 'Firm Subsidies in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia: is there Urban Bias?'. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 4 (1):49-56
[14] Doran, J. and G. Ryan (2017) 'The Role of Stimulating Employees Creativity and Idea Generation in Encouraging Innovation Behaviour in Irish Firms'. Irish Journal of Management, 36 (1):32-48 [CORA Link]
[15] Doran, J., McCarthy, N., and O'Connor, M. (2017) 'The Employment-Population Nexus and Implications for Sustainable Economic Development: Insights from Irish Regions using a Partial Adjustment Model'. International Review of Applied Economics, 31 (4):508-526
[16] Doran, J. and G. Ryan (2017) 'CO2 Emissions, Economic Growth and Urbanisation: Insights from Vector Error Correction Modelling'. Irish Journal of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability, 1 (1):22-41
[17] Frank Crowley and Declan Jordan (2016) 'Does More Competition Increase Business-Level Innovation? Evidence from Domestically Focused Firms in Emerging Economies'. Economics of Innovation and New Technology,
[18] Jane Bourke and Frank Crowley (2016) 'Which organisational changes are most beneficial for firm innovation?'. Economics and Business Letters, 5 (4)
[19] Frank Crowley (2017) 'Product and Service Innovation and Discontinuation in Manufacturing and Service Firms in Europe'. European Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (2):250-268
[20] Jane Bourke and Frank Crowley (2016) 'Which organisational changes are most beneficial for firm innovation?'. Economics and Business Letters, 5 (4)
[21] Jane Bourke & Stephen Roper (2016) 'AMT adoption and innovation: An investigation of dynamic and complementary effects'. Technovation,
[22] Frank Crowley and Jane Bourke (2016) 'The Influence of Human Resource Management Systems on Innovation: Evidence from Irish Manufacturing and Service Firms'. International Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (7)
[23] Considine, J. and J. Doran (2016) 'Evaluation of an informal rule for allocation of sports capital funding'. Public Choice, 168 (1):43-54
[24] Doran, J. and E. O'Leary (2016) 'The Innovation Performance of Irish and Foreign-owned Firms: The Roles of R&D and networking'. The World Economy, 39 (9):1384-1398
[25] Doran, J., McCarthy, N., and O'Connor, M. (2016) 'Entrepreneurship and Employment Growth Across European Regions'. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 3 (1):121-128
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[29] Doran, J. and B. Fingleton (2016) ''Employment resilience in Europe and the 2008 economic crisis: insights from micro level data'. Regional Studies, 50 (4):644-656
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