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Higher Diploma in Spanish for Teachers

About This Course

Fact File

  • Title

    Higher Diploma in Spanish for Teachers

  • Code

  • College

    Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

  • Duration

    2 years Part-Time

  • Teaching Mode


  • Qualifications


  • EU Fees 2020

    Fully Funded
    See Fees and Costs for full details.

  • Entry Requirements

    A2 level in Spanish (CEFR) See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    January 17th 2021

  • Credits


  • Professional Accrediting Body

    Irish Teaching Council

  • Start Date

    January 25th 2021

Course Outline

This innovative two year Higher Diploma (65 ECTS credits) takes participants from A2 Spanish language level competence to the required B2.2 level under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

It ensures that participants complete all curricular subject requirements for the Teaching Council including language, literature, and study abroad and integrates collaborative and flexible learning models along with a commitment to deep reflective practice.

It is designed as a blended programme using technology-enhanced learning as its primary mode alongside 9x6 hour monthly Saturday workshops (January–May; September-December in both years public health guidelines permitting) as well as 2x1 month intensive study abroad programme in June or July of both years.

Using UCC’s virtual learning platform, CANVAS, it facilitates online and weekend delivery favouring a flipped classroom approach and the creation of a community of practice alongside multi-modal assessment including action research, reflective essays, e-portfolios, oral presentations, peer and self-assessment as well as critical engagement with ICT.

Course Details and Modules

Year 1 (30 credits) – January to December 2021

Spanish Language Study Abroad I: B1 (5 credits) – June/July 2021

Year 2 (35 credits) – January to December 2022

HS5015 Spanish Language for Post-Primary Teachers: B2 LEVEL (10 credits)  – Spring + Autumn 2022

Why Choose This Course

Are you interested in learning Spanish language to a level that equips you to be a teacher in the subject?

Are you interested in learning about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world including Spain, Latin America and the US?

Would you like training in digital tools that will help you to create content for your classes?

Then apply for our Higher Diploma and learn from our dynamic team of experts in language teaching, digital pedagogies and cultures and histories of Spain and Latin America.


Participants require an A2 level in Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Participants with that level may have spent time in a Spanish-speaking country or taken the subject to first year level at university or equivalent. Prior learning will be assessed before commencement.

Native speakers of Spanish who evidence shortfalls in their education/training that need to be met to fulfil Teaching Council requirements are eligible to apply for the programme.

Teachers with A1 level and an interest in the programme would be required to upskill prior to starting the course.

Fees and Costs

Funding will cover student fees in respect of participation, so that the programme is provided free of charge to participating teachers. Participants must pay an initial deposit of €250 in advance to secure a place on the programme. This will be fully refunded to those who complete the programme in full or to those who withdraw from the programme within the first two months.

How Do I Apply

Application Process

This application guide will guide you through the process of signing in and using our application portal. You can access the portal using the Apply Now button at the end of this page.

Documentation needed

Personal Documentation

  • Birth Certificate or Passport (jpg;pdf;png)
  • Passport Photo (for student ID card) (jpg;jpef;png)

Application Documentation

Note that, for some of the sections on the portal, we have provided some PDF templates for applicants to download and fill in their details. This can be done with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, you can download it for free via this link.



For queries regarding course content or timetables please contact

Higher Diploma in Spanish for Teachers FAQ

We welcome applicants who have acquired the language level through formal and informal channels. There is space on the application form to detail any experience you have of Spanish language learning, please provide as much detail as possible, particularly if you do not have any formal certificates. All applicants will be contacted by our team to complete a language level assessment in any case in advance of starting the course. If we deem your level not to be at the standard, we encourage you to reapply for the next course starting in January 2022, and to work on upskilling your language level in the meantime.

If you already have some experience where you reached the level of A2 or higher, it may not take you too long to brush up on your language skills. You have time between now and January. In any case, our language team will be in touch with every candidate in advance of starting the course to test your level. At that stage, we can let you know if your level is suitable to follow the course or if further upskilling is needed. If you do not have the A2 level required to undertake the programme at that time, we would encourage you to apply for the next cycle of this programme, which will start in January 2022. In the meantime, you could upskill in your language level. We offer an extensive range of online Spanish language courses https://uccsplaslang.ucc.ie/ in our department to prepare you for this. You are also encouraged to research face-to-face learning programmes near where you live.

If you do not currently have the A2 level required to undertake the programme, we would encourage you to apply for the next cycle of this programme, which will start in January 2022. In the meantime, you could upskill in your language level. We offer an extensive range of online Spanish language courses https://uccsplaslang.ucc.ie/ in our department to prepare you for this.

A bursary of €500 per teacher per year is available to aid the costs that will be incurred for this part of the course.

There will be support available from the Programme Team as well as our colleagues in our partner universities, Alcalá de Henares and Universidad de Cantabria, to help with queries regarding the practical elements of travelling to Spain.

This is a blended course, meaning there are online and in-person aspects to it. Students will have weekly online language classes as well as asynchronous delivery of cultural content. In addition to this, we will meet in person one Saturday every month (9 Saturdays in total per year) in UCC to consolidate learning on all aspects of the course. Each year, teachers will undertake a four-week immersive experience of intensive language courses based in our partner universities, either Universidad de Alcalá de Henares or Universidad de Cantabria. Assessment is largely project and portfolio-based to allow for flexibility, since we know many of the teachers taking it will have other professional and personal commitments. Any synchronous assessments will take place during the allocated Saturday sessions.

We are currently investigating this with the funding body of this programme, the Higher Education Authority. However, preference is likely to be given to those who apply to take the entire 65 credits.

Native speakers will have the opportunity to undertake a research project in lieu of completing the immersive stay in Spain. You will also be assigned an alternative work programme in the language modules.

If you can prove to the Teaching Council that you already meet the immersion requirement then you would complete an alternative module instead of that one, and we would assign an alternative work programme for you in the language modules.

We are hoping that study abroad will be possible in the Summer of 2021 but will obviously monitor the situation carefully. The Teaching Council has not amended its immersion requirement for the moment, so it is still an essential part of fulfilling the curricular subject requirements to be allowed to teach.

No. This programme is developed for teachers who are registered with the Teaching Council, but who do not meet the curricular requirements to teach post-primary Spanish.

Yes, registered teachers who meet the requirements and who are either unemployed or in part-time employment will be given preference.

A requirement for this programme is that candidates are already registered with the Teaching Council when applying. In order to be registered with the Teaching Council, you must have this teaching qualification, so without it, you will not be eligible to apply for this course.

Registration for this programme is fully funded by the Higher Education Authority/ Department of Education and Skills.