What you can do

What you can do

The committee invites new members to join the direct debit scheme from their UCC wages/salary/pension. As regards the amount, contributions of any or all amounts are most welcome. 

A point which may be relevant is that the Partnership is registered as a charity.  The major advantage of this is that, where a member makes a contribution above the threshold of  about €21 a month (or €250 a year) then the Partnership can recover the income tax paid in respect of the contribution from the Revenue Commissioners.  This works out to be an additional bonus of approximately €100 if one is a higher rate tax payer. The Committee would respectfully urge future or current members to, like Mr de Valera, look into their hearts and wallets and consider whether they  can now increase their contribution to the magic figure of €21 per month.

In contributing to the Cork -Singida partnership, staff have an opportunity to make a concrete difference in one of the poorest parts of one of the poorest countries in the world.

To pledge your support, simply click on, then print the Payroll Authorisation Form and submit it to:

Margaret Desmond,
Payroll Office, UCC

Cork-Singida Partnership

University College Cork