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Journey to Schull

by John Fitzgerald


For John and Elizabeth Montague


Crossing the causeway at Roscarberry

I think of Marco Polo arriving into Kinsai

and his amazement at its grandeur and size:  


The most splendid city in the world,

connected by twelve thousand bridges, 

with wide roads and magnificent buildings

and people engaged in all kinds of occupations.


As a boy, I ached to know

how the Great Khan’s wives felt when

loaned to his special guests — and how far they would go. 


Much later, on West Lake, it became clear

that the feelings of others are a distant country

far away from home. 


Oldcourt, and the length of a brown rat 

streaks across the smooth grey asphalt.


Waiting at Colla Pier

between sun-showers 

emerald flies enjewel the blackberries.