Run on

by Jenni deBie


Right-left right-left

Round and kick round and kick

Right-left right-left

Stomp stomp clap

Stomp stomp

Clap your hands and stomp your

Feet in iambic penatm—

Meters to a race—or are they

Yards to play in when we were

Young and beautiful and

Worth the hassle of living in the

City people are just so

Different eyes see different

Skies pierced with stars that 

Burn on the darkest night of the

Year-long sojourn to Ireland for

Degrees of separation between the most distant

People who know how to enjoy

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously; we all get out the same

waaaay too much liquor in my system to make any kind of good

            Decision’s easy:

                         Will you dance

                                      or won’t you?