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From Q Investigates

by William Wall



Q met a man who told him he went every day for forty years to the newsagent owned by a school friend which stocked only the right wing press and asked for the newspaper of the communist party, of which he was a card-carrying member. Finally, after forty years, one day the newspaper was there. So it’s true what they say about you people, he announced, the market is everything to you. And he never went back.



Q was disappointed to find that it was mostly Christians who lived in the Ghetto now. It suits no one that our ancient traditions are allowed to fall into disregard, he remarked to me, least of all the revolutionary. It is not enough that we must continually reinvent the enemy, but now the victims themselves call in the moving vans.



Now we know what the post twitter-revolutionary state looks like, Q emphatically declared. It looks the same as the pre-twitter non-revolutionary state.



Q had lunch in a cafe called MARX & ANGELS. It was, he said to me, an extremely uncomfortable experience. Before he left he removed the two upper parallel lines from the E, which were as he informed me, made of magnetic metal, and transferred them to the L.