UCC Arboretum

Image Credit: Tomás Tyner

About the Arboretum

The UCC Arboretum has its origins in the Queen’s College Cork (QCC) botanic garden which was established by Prof. William Hincks, the first Professor of Natural History at Cork in 1849.

It is home to a collection of approximately 2,500 trees across the campus (c. 42 acres). There are approximately 130 different tree species in the diverse collection - ranging from native Irish and British trees to American, Asian, Australian and European specimens. Some of the highlights of the collection include a pair of c. 150 year old Giant Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens giganteum); the Strawberry Tree (Arbutos unedo), an Irish native; an Irish champion Wing Nut (Pterocarya fraxinifolia); and a collection of mature pines (including Scots, Monteray and Bhutan pines). One of the most recent additions to the collection is an iconic Wollemia (Wollemia nobilis).

The UCC Arboretum is a modern teaching, research and outreach tool. Initiatives such as the 'Open Arboretum Project' and the Science Foundation Ireland funded 'Tree Explorers' project ensure that the original aims of the arboretum continue to be met in the 21st century.

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