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What is a MicroCred


A Human Capital Initiative Pillar 3 Project

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What is a MicroCred

The MicroCreds Project “Towards a Multi-Campus Micro-Credentials System” is funded under HCI Pillar 3 and is a cross sectoral project co-ordinated by the IUA. 

Through the MicroCreds project, the IUA universities will lead the establishment of a national framework for ECTS-bearing, quality-assured micro-credentials, the first in Europe. This will facilitate the development of a programme of micro-credentials, each flexibly delivered and accredited by a university and included within the NFQ. This furthers the commitment to work in partnership with government and enterprise to drive lifelong learning. 

What are Microcredentials?

  • A proof of learning outcomes that a learner has acquired following a short learning experience.
  • Credit range of 1-30 ECTS
  • MicroCreds  are stackable and portable
  • Levels 7-10 on National Framework of Qualifications.

Who are Microcredentials for?

  • Anyone looking to upskill or reskill in bite sized pieces that have value in the workplace.

What does Enterprise need?

  • Short, accessible, accredited, co-designed learning experiences that give the learner job ready skills.
  • Agile and flexible learning to fit their timeframe



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