Study Success - Space, Time and Resources

Dedicated Study Space

Create a study space which works for you. You may already have a dedicated office space for your studies, which is ideal. But if you don't, that is not a problem. You can carve out a space in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or any other room in your home. But what is critical to creating a good, dedicated study space is ensuring minimal distractions.

Some Tips:

  • Communicate your study space to others in your house so that they are aware of your space, and your time within that space
  • Studying in the same place each day is recommended
  • A quiet space is ideal and limit social media time during your study
  • Make this ‘your’ space which is personalised to meet your study needs


Dedicated Study Time & The Importance of a Routine

Create a study plan that works for you and your life. Stick to it. Routine is critical to your study success. 

Some Tips:

  • The ‘right’ study plan is the plan that works for you
  • Do not leave anything to the last minute
  • Keep on top of your online content and coursework
  • Make sure you are working within strict timelines, either set by yourself or your lecturer
  • A schedule that works for you, which is responsive to your individual needs, will be powerful in terms of your study success
  • Create contingency plans in case something changes
  • Be disciplined, consistent and you will reap the benefits
  • And remember, take regular breaks also!


Study Resources

Dig into the resources that are available from different UCC services to help you study and learn effectively. 

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