Communicate & Connect

Keep in Touch

If you have any questions about studying for a particular course or module, your first point of contact is your course lecturer, course coordinator or module coordinator. You can email them any questions you have in relation to

  • course content,
  • assessments and
  • to clarify any expectations you have of each other.

If they cannot answer your specific question, they will certainly guide you in the right direction. Uncertainty is not a place you want to be – so if you're stuck PLEASE ASK! Communication is the number one thing that will make online learning a positive experience for all.

A lot of your questions may already have been answered on our Covid-19 Student FAQ, but you may also wish to get in touch with individual services within the university. You can find their contact information on the following pages: 

Or visit to ask a question. 

Connect with Others

It is also important to stay in contact with your fellow classmates and friends. You are a huge resource to each other. Here are some good ways of keeping connected with others:

  • Perhaps your lecturer has already established a virtual discussion board on Canvas
  • You can set up a group on google hangouts
  • Chat via Canvas,
  • Chat via any of your preferred social media platforms
  • Set up texting or messaging groups and so on

The most important thing is to communicate and connect with each other regularly, as staying connected is important for everyone.  

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