Early Start Semester in Literatures in Ireland

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Course Code: IO

Course Title: Early Start Semester in Literatures in Ireland

College: International Education Office

Early Start Semester in Literatures in Ireland

Duration: Three week pre-session course running from 22nd August- Friday 9th September 2016. Following completion students continue with the regular Autumn sem

Teaching Mode: Full-time

Lectures/seminars/field trips

Qualifications: BA (Hons)

NFQ Level: N/A

Costs: €8,250 Minor costs may be incurred for snacks or meals on field-trip(s)

Entry Requirements: The minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement for admission to the program is normally 3.0 out of 4.0

Entry Points: N/A

Closing Date: 16th June 2017

Next Intake: 21st August 2017


The Early Start Semester in Literatures in Ireland provides the visiting student with an introduction to a wide range of Irish writing. The topics covered in this course include Irish fiction, poetry and film.

Course Details

Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction

This section of the course will look at James Joyce's collection of short stories Dubliners.  Although Joyce is revered as one of the greatest writers of the modern era, students are sometimes reluctant to read his work because of its reputed difficulty.  This class will make Joyce's innovative and compelling work accessible and enjoyable.  We will also read Elizabeth Bowen's novel The Last September, a very stylish novel that examines the Anglo-Irish way of life in the early years of the twentieth century.  Click to watch film on Elizabeth Bowen.

Twentieth-Century Irish Poetry

In this section, students will read the poetry of William Butler Yeats. Beginning with his early work in the Irish Literary Revival, students will examine Yeats’ many reinventions of himself up to his death in 1939.

Irish Film

This section offers an intensive introductory course to Irish cinema and will examine films from the early days of film-making in Ireland to more recent examples from directors such as Neil Jordan, Pat Murphy and Thaddeus O’Sullivan. The relationship of these films to Irish society and culture, as well as issues such as the representation of gender, national identity, and financing, will be examined.


Field-trips are designed to complement the central texts on the course, and as an introduction to the Irish landscape which plays such a major role in Irish literature. Day-trips include a visit to the ruins of Bowen’s Court in north Cork, the setting of Elizabeth Bowen’s novel The Last September. Students will also visit Dublin for some days to walk in the footsteps of Joyce's "Dubliners", and recreate the events of stories almost 100 years after Joyce imagined them. This visit to the city where Joyce set Ulysses will help to bring the setting and the novel to life. A visit to the Abbey Theatre, which W.B. Yeats helped found, and the National Gallery, will also form part of this trip.

Application Procedure

Application available to download at: 

Course Practicalities

The Early Start in Literatures in Ireland runs for three weeks in late August/ September, after which students join standard classes with their Irish counterparts. On days when no field-trip is scheduled, the class meets in the morning for lectures and discussion. Literatures in Ireland is not confined to the classroom. It incorporates several day-trips and overnight trips to sites in different regions of Ireland.


Assessment is in the form of two essays on texts and themes discussed in class, and an in-class exam.

Who Teaches This Course

This course is taught by Dr Mary Breen, School of English, UCC. Her areas of specialisation are in Irish writing, life-writing and manuscript and print culture in the eighteenth century.

Further Contact Information

Dr Mary Breen

School of English

E: m.breen@ucc.ie

T: +353(0)21 490 3291

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