What is Imagining2050

Short video describing what is the Imagining2050 research project. Images were captured in Cork in 2019 and include inputs from Imagining2050 researchers and footage of community engagements with local community collaborators.

Imagining2050 Community Engagements & Visualisation Stage

Imagining2050 seeks to apply and explore a range of visualisation techniques to foster innovation and promote dialogue with communities over dialogues about climate change. This videa provides a brief overview of this approach.

Imagining2050-Co-developing pathways of change to tackle climate change

Video with testimonials from the Imagining2050 team and community members involved in co-developing pathways of change at the local level

Environment, Health & Wellbeing Conference 2019

Climate Change, Health & Wellbeing - Opportunities & Implementation Challenges.

Ireland 2050 - Envisioning the Ireland of the Future
Dr Ger Mullally and Dr Alexandra Revez, University College Cork

Link to full video here:


Environmental Research Institute University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork ,