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Current Emigration

RTÉ Prime Time piece on current Irish emigration, featuring the UCC Emigre Team, April 2013.


Aeterno, 'An Exile's Home in the Bronx', 2012. A documentary about the Irish who make up New York's GAA county team.

An Exile's Home in the Bronx from Aeterno Productions on Vimeo.


Euronews, 'Emigration from Catalonia and Clare', Dec. 2012.



SoulJacker, 'Origin', 2012.


Kennedy Films, 'Just Saying', 2012.



RTÉ Report on current Irish emigration to Australia (2011).



Irish TV on Irish emigrants in America today (2012).



RTE 'The Daily Show' discussion on the effect emigration is having on GAA teams.  


BBC 'One Show' report on recent Irish to London (2011).


ABC, 'Goodbye my Ireland' (2011).

RTÉ, 'Emigration Once Again' (2009).

RTÉ, 'Thousands Look to go Abroad for Work' (2012).


1980s Emigration


John Fleming and Mark Stewart, RTÉ, 'Guests of Another Nation' (1988)


RTÉ, 'Reeling in the Years 1986' (1999).


RTÉ News feature on emigration (1982).

RTÉ, 'London streets not paved with gold' (1985).

RTÉ, 'Ballinrobe to the Bronx' (1989).


1950s Emigration

RTÉ/BBC NI, 'Seven Ages', section on 1950s emigration from Ireland (2000)


The Irish in England

TV3, 'The Forgotten Irish', parts 1 & 2 (2009).


BBC1 NI, 'Men of Arlington' (2011).

RTÉ, 'The Lost Generation' (2003).


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