Information for presenters

Information for presenters

Oral presentations

  • Oral presentations will report the findings of recent ornithological research in Ireland, critical review or meta-analysis studies.
  • The following scheme is expected: Introduction, methodology, results and discussion/conclusions. Your first slide should contain the title and be the same as the submitted abstract and the names of co-authors and affiliations.
  • The time allocated for each oral presentation is 15 minutes to include 12 minutes for the presentation itself and 3 minutes for audience interaction. You will be stopped if you overrun your time.
  • Please email your presentation to no later than Friday 15th November and bring your presentation on a memory stick to the conference desk at the time of registration.
  • Talks should be saved using Microsoft Powerpoint in Office version 2010 (file extension .pptx) or 2003 (file extension .ppt). Please try to keep the size of your presentations below 10MB. Please save the name of the presentation as follows: <surname>_CORC2013 (e.g. IRWIN_CORC2013).



Poster presentations

  • The maximum poster size is A0, portrait orientation.
  • In the preparation of posters please use brief statements and clear figures or tables to communicate messages.
  • The following scheme is expected: Title, introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • The poster title should be the same as the submitted abstract and include the names of co-authors.
  • Posters should be displayed at the conference venue for the duration of the conference, and attached to the correct numbered poster board using the Velcro attachments which can be collected at the conference desk at the time of registration.
  • Please remove posters by 6pm on the day of the conference


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