Liam Gallagher


Professor Gallagher’s particular research interests are in Finance and Capital Markets, International Finance, Applied Econometrics, Nonlinear Modelling, Financial Economics, Investment Economics; Fund Management; Financial Market Microstructure; Equity Investment Strategies, Stock Price Behaviour, Credit Risk, Bond Market Analysis and Strategies. He has established a scholarly research reputation at international level as demonstrated by a record of publications in peer-reviewed Economic and Finance journals including Economic Inquiry, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Applied Financial Economics, Southern Economic Journal and Economic Letters.

Prof Liam Gallagher
Professor Gallagher is Associate Editor, Applied Economics, 2001-, Applied Economics Letters 2002- and was a Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Applied Economics, 1999-2001. He is a Member of the National Committee for Economics and Social Sciences of the Royal Irish Academy, 2001-, a Member of the Committee of the Money, Macro and Finance Research Group, 1999-, a Member of the Committee of the Irish Economic Association, 2003- and an Evaluator for the ESRC, Macroeconomics Programme, UK, 1998-2000.

Professor Gallagher occupies a leading role in his current position where he has supervised to completion PhDs in Valuation of Collateralised Debt Obligations, Convertible Bond Arbitrage and is currently supervising 3 Ph.D. students in Option Pricing Approach to Monetary Policy, Portfolio Investment Strategies and Stock Options and Volatility Forecasts. He is also Founder of both the MSc in Finance and Capital Market and the BSc in Quantitative Finance and is Director of the MSc in Investment and Treasury.

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Liam Gallagher

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Professor of Finance

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Finance and Capital Markets, International Finance, Applied Econometrics (see biography for more)



Centre for Investment Research

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