UP2YOUTH Research Project

Young People's Participation in Civil Society

UP2YOUTH is an EU-funded research project concerned with the agency of young people in the context of social change. While their transitions to adulthood are structured by risk and uncertainty, young men and women develop coping strategies which in turn affect social structures. This in in regard especially to work, family and citizenship which are the key topics of UP2YOUTH.  However, it depends on the scope of action that state policies provide as to whether these strategies contribute both to social integration and subjectively meaningful biographical perspectives.  This research study is a Trans-European project involving 18 Universities located across the continent and co-ordinated by the IRIS institute in Tubingen, Germany.

The project is divided into three core areas of investigation:

1.      Young Parenthood

2.      Migrant Youth Issues

3.      Young People’s Participation in Civil Society.

The Department of Applied Social Studies contribution is in the third area (participation). It seeks to understand the relationships young people have with society and will be investigating the impact of Youth Work service providers, youth cultures, training courses, government policies and changes in society on young people’s participation. The project’s website is; http://www.up2youth.org/home/

For further information contact Mr. Pat Leahy at tel.021-4902198, email p.leahy@ucc.ie or Dr. Paul Burgess on p.burgess@ucc.ie

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