School of Applied Social Studies Research Ethics

Applied Social Studies Research Ethics

In UCC, research ethics is the remit of the University Ethics Committee (UEC).  There are three ethics subcommittees under the remit of UEC, one of which is the Social Research Ethics Committee (SREC).  This committee (SREC) reviews research proposals submitted by university staff and research-based postgraduate students seeking ethical approval for social research (as distinct from clinical research or research involving animal experimentation). The work of SREC is strongly informed by the UCC Code of Research Conduct (2018). 

See: UCC Code of Research Conduct

UEC and SREC seek to ensure that supervisors and researchers are sufficiently supported to undertake research (which may involve human participants) to the highest possible standards and with due regard to the welfare of all concerned.  

School Research Ethics Form and Sample Documentation

These forms should be used by undergraduate and taught Master students in the School of Applied Social Studies.

Master by Research and Doctoral students should use the Social Research Ethics Committee forms and process. Click here


School Research Ethics Form for taught programmes

Sample Informed Consent and Information Sheet


For further information, see the following guide on ethics for staff and students in the School: Guidance on Ethics for Staff and Students

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