Child Migration and Social Policy Research Group

Child migration and social policy research group

Prof. Alastair Christie, Dr Deirdre Horgan, Dr Shirley Martin and Dr Jacqui O'Riordan.

About this group
The Child Migration and Social Policy Research Group brings together expertise in the areas of social research, social policy, critical understanding of childhood and social professionals. We are developing a network to produce transnational understandings of policy and practices in relation to child and youth migration/trafficking. Key issues for consideration for this network are the regulation of childhood and children's lives in relation to migration and child care policies. A particular value will be placed on the participation of young people's experiences/knowledge of migration. We recognise child trafficking as a particular form of migration which brings into sharp focus the role of governments and state agencies in reproducing global childhood inequalities. Currently we are undertaking four research projects: (1) research with professionals working with migrant children in Ireland and interrogating the role of child care and migration policies, (2) Social Policy analysis of the development and implementation of the National Action Plans to Combat Human Trafficking across Europe, (3) critical analysis of debates and policy/practice developments on guardianship and the role of Guardian ad litem for separated migrant children, (4) curriculum development on issues of childhood diversity in global contexts including child labour and HIV/AIDS.

Recent research grants include

  • Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Research Development Initiative, 2010)
  • Irish Aid Education Development (2010/11)
  • IRCHSS/NORFACE TNP Networking Grant (2008),
  • Irish Aid Development Education Scheme/ National Academy of Integration of Teaching (Development of Learning Materials on Global Childhoods, 2008).
  • College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences Research and Conference Grants (2008 and 2009)

Contact Person
Alastair Christie (Professor)
Telephone: +353-214-903150
Fax: +353-214-903443

School of Applied Social Studies

Staidéar Sóisialta Feidhmeach

William Thompson House, Donovan's Road, Cork, Ireland.