Critical Social Thinking Journal

Critical Social Thinking Journal

The Critical Social Thinking Journal is an annual publication which comprises articles by undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in the School of Applied Social Studies and cognate disciplines. Previous volumes can be found on at

If you are interested in publishing your work, please complete the survey by clicking here to register your interest and your details by the 9th of January 2015.  After submission, a member of the CST committee will be in contact with further submission details.  Volume 7 of the Critical Social Thinking Journal will be published online in September 2015.

Notes for Contributors


Journal Articles

Critical Social Thinking: Policy and Practice is student research initiative which provides an opportunity for student researchers and recent graduates to make a contribution to literature in the social sciences.  The editorial committee invites submissions which provide a forum for critical reflection on the diversity of issues addressed in student research.  A paper should describe original work undertaken as part of the student’s academic research.  Concepts and underlying principles should be explored, with sufficient contextual information to orient the reader who is not a specialist in the particular subject area.


Submission details

  1. Those wishing to make a submission should send one copy by e-mail to   
  2. Submissions should not be longer than 4,000 words and should be received no later than Monday 2nd March 2015.
  3. Papers should begin with: the title of the conference paper; the author’s name and e-mail address; the course from which the student has recently graduated or in which the student is currently enrolled; institutional affiliation.  Non-students/independent researchers should include a short biography.
  4. Papers should include a 100-150 word abstract outlining the purpose, scope and conclusions of the paper, and selected keywords.  Please select four/five keywords or phrases that highlight the topics covered in the paper.
  5. The main body of text should be in Times New Roman font 12, using 1.5 line spacing throughout.  Do not use any special spacing (e.g. before/after long quotations, before/after subheadings etc.)
  6. Headings should be in bold, Times New Roman font 12. Subheadings should be in italics, Times New Roman, font 12. 
  7. Write in clear and concise English.  Spelling should follow the Oxford English Dictionary.
  8. Check list:
    • Have you made the aim of your work explicit?
    • Have you explained the significance of your contribution?
    • Have you set your work in an appropriate context by giving sufficient background to your work?
    • Have you outlined your key findings?
    • Have you structured your paper in a clear and logical fashion?
    • Methodology:  Where there is a methodology, it should be clearly described under a separate heading.
  9. References to other publications must be in Harvard style.
  10. All papers must be submitted electronically using Word format. Please send your completed paper as a file saved under your name, e.g. JaneDoe.doc.
  11. All correspondence for the conference proceedings will be electronic.  Authors will not receive proofs.  Corrections may be requested by the editors.


Articles submitted should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publications at the same time.  Authors submitting articles for publication should undertake that the work is not an infringement of any existing copyright.


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