Critical Social Thinking Journal and Conference


The Critical Social Thinking Student Research Initiative was established in 2008 by the School of Applied Social Studies with the assistance of funding from NAIRTL.  Its purpose is to showcase the high quality academic work undertaken by undergraduate and postgraduate students within our School and to use this as a platform for stimulating interest in social research and to promote student research activity in a public domain. We are proud to exhibit these examples of students' original research and we hope that this initiative provides a forum for critical reflection on the diversity of issues addressed in their academic work. The first event in our history was the publication of Critical Social Thinking, Vol. 1, in 2009, which comprised articles written by recent graduates and postgraduates from the School of Applied Social Studies. Since then, we have sought to further develop and build on our activities, which include:

Thank you!

This initiative is made possible through the continuing work and encouragement of all of the staff of the School of Applied Social Studies, who participate through their ongoing research supervision of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, through chairing conference sessions, and in reviewing papers and articles for publication. Thank you all for your support.

Editorial Committee 

Ms Eileen Hogan, Dr Eluska Fernandez, Dr Jacqui O'Riordan, Dr Claire Dorrity, and Dr Féilim Ó hAdhmaill

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