Publicity relating to the ABCRF

Publicity relating to the ABCRF

Please follow the link to access an article featured in the Irish Times on 28th June 2012. This is a piece by Conor O’Carroll IUA on Horizon 2020 and the ACSTI statement from earlier this year. Prof Anita Maguire, ABCRF, chaired this taskforce.

Good News on the Horizon

Public Service Review: Science & Technology; November 2010, issue 8 

State of the art teaching

Science Spin article, May 2006, issue 16, 14-15

Location, Location, Location

Powering the Smart Economy, Science Foundation Ireland Strategy 2009-2013

Please follow the link and select "Powering the Smart Economy".
This SFI Strategy 2009-2013 quotes Prof Anita Maguire, ABCRF Director

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