The ABCRF is led by a Management Team which meets regularly; this group was particularly active during the design and start-up phase of the building, and is now beginning to pursue joint programmes of research.

  • Director – Anita Maguire (Synthetic Chemistry)
  • Deputy Director – Jeremy Glennon (Analytical Chemistry)
  • Dmitri Papkovsky (Biochemistry)
  • Debbie Curran

However, all of the PI's are member of another entity – Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Pharmacy, Tyndall Institute and therefore the governance within the ABCRF focuses in particular on the physical research infrastructure and strategic research initiatives e.g. PRTLI4, SFI UREKA and SRC proposals. On a day to day basis the groupings of PI's within each of the areas – Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry - manage their lab space and equipment, interfacing with the relevant departments/school as appropriate.

Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility

Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility Cavanagh Pharmacy Building University College Cork College Road, Cork