Meet the team of our SFI-funded research project UV-SINTEC (click a name to find out more):

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Students and Alumni


Barry Ryan (Summer 2019) – For UV-SINTEC, I explored the use of a genetic algorithm to model the beam profile of a 2D array of LED’s spatially. I also modelled the combination of the spectral content of multiple LED’s. Currently I am pursuing a MSc in Data Science in Trinity College Dublin.

Ross McCormack (Summer 2019) – My role in the UV-SINTEC project was to design PCBs that would be used as current controllers for the LED arrays. I also aided John Maxwell with analysing and interpreting performance data using MATLAB and Excel from LEDs at different wavelengths. I am currently an Automation Engineer with NeoDyne Ltd.

Emily Long (Summer 2019) – Emily worked on the characterisation and automation of LED measurements. She also conducted experiments to calibrate photodiodes and make spectral measurements. She wrote and upgraded Python code to automate data collection and processing of LED spectra. She is currently employed as a Design Verification Engineer at Qualcomm in Cork.

Niamh Hourihan (Summer 2019) – In the UV-SINTEC project, I was responsible for setting up a stepping motor to automatically collect sets of measurements of a light source spectrum using a fibre-optic spectrometer and photodiode to map how uniform the intensity is via surface and contour plots. The stepping motor circuitry was refined to fit into a single PCB for future use. I am currently working in Intel Shannon as a software engineer on the Firmware team in Quick Assist Technology.

John Maxwell (Summer 2019) – John worked on the design and implementation of an instrument to measure LED beam profiles. He designed the electronics, wrote the software and integrated the measurement system with a PostgreSQL database. He also worked with Emily on the measurement, characterisation and calibration of photodiodes. He is currently working as an Electronic Design Engineer at Cypress Semiconductor in Cork.

Destinee Hung (MIT visiting student, Summer 2019) – Destinee was a visiting undergraduate student from MIT where she is studying Chemical Engineering. During her summer at UCC she assisted in making measurements of LED beam profiles and conducted several experiments on phosphors for generating broad spectrum light of different colour bands.

Ben O’Tuama (Summer 2020) – I worked on constructing an analog interface to manually control the spectral intensity of the LED tile using an actuator such as a potentiometer or pushbutton. I also helped with the mathematical modelling of light uniformity for luminous flux and spectral intensity of LEDs. I also worked on the data processing on a micro-controller to program a feedback control loop for automatic adjustment of LED intensity (still in progress). I am currently in 4th Year of a 5 Year Integrated Masters Program for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in UCC.

Aoife Fitton (Summer 2020) – During my time with UV-SINTEC my work revolved around the LED tile design and the PCB layout of these structures. I’m currently in my fourth year of studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UCC.

Seán Cahill (Summer 2020) – While part of the project I worked on developing a miniature, coarse optical spectrometer. This spectrometer was supported with some post processing to increase the resolution of the sensor. It was a continuation of work that I had completed for my BE Final Year Project. I also worked on developing a current controller device for powering the LED array lamps, aiming to provide unique currents and voltages to the various LEDs used in the lamps. I am currently working with the precision converter group in Analog Devices as a graduate applications engineer.

Ben Honohan (Summer 2020) – I am currently in my final year of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in UCC. As part of my third year summer work placement I worked on the optical Modelling of LED light uniformity using MATLAB and Python scripts. For my Final Year project I am continuing my work in the area of LED modelling using Python.

Undergraduate Projects

Ben Honohan (BE FYP 2020 – 21) – This is a continuation of the work I did for UV-SINTEC over the summer as an intern. I am further developing the optical modelling software to improve the user interface and add additional optical elements, such as lenses, reflectors and diffusers. The final aim is to be able to optimise the LED lamp layout to maximise flux and spectral uniformity.


Seán Cahill (BE FYP 2019 – 20) – I worked on developing a low-cost miniature optical spectrometer that can be used as a feedback element for monitoring the multichannel LED output spectrum.

Feargal O’Sullivan / John Gardiner (BE FYP 2020 – 21) – We are working on using UV-C LEDs in an integrated lamp design for use in sterilisation and disinfection applications. The technology being developed is complementary to the work being done on UV-SINTEC, though not directly connected.

MEngSc Projects

Lucas Jansen (2018 – 19) – Genetic Algorithm for Spectral Fitting: Lucas wrote a comprehensive genetic algorithm in Python to fit a discrete number of LED spectra to a desired input spectrum. This allows the LED lamp to closely replicate a target spectrum.

Yi Hui Gan (2018 – 19) – UV LED reliability testing: Yi Hui worked to develop an accelerated aging chamber for evaluating the lifetime of LEDs. This project was co-supervised by Prof. Peter Parbrook at UCC.

Qushen Dai (2019 – 20) – Multichannel current source with current monitoring: Qushen worked on the design and layout of a printed circuit board incorporating a 5 channel programmable current source and current monitoring for feedback control. He also implemented software on a microcontroller to interact with the board for adjusting the current output of each channel. He is currently working with Huawei in Dublin.

ME Projects

Eoin Crowley (2020 – 21) – Benchtop multichannel programmable current source: I’m building a benchtop multichannel constant current controller for LED lighting. I’m currently in my final year of the electronic and electrical integrated masters in UCC.


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