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'De Quibusdam Episcopis, Bodleian MS.: Rawlinson, No. 480', ed. D. H. Kelly, PRIA (Irish MSS Series 3) (1870), 82-133: De Quibusdam Episcopis

'Dialect in medieval Irish?', by Kevin Murray, Studia Celtica Fennica 2 (2005): Dialect in medieval Irish?

'Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh', edited by Lambert McKenna, in Dioghluim Dána (Dublin, 1938), 86-90: Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh



Óir-chiste: duanaire liricí do'n aos foghluma, by Seámus Ó hAodha (Baile Átha Cliath: Comhlucht Oideachais na hÉireann, 1922): archive.org

A descriptive catalogue of Gaelic manuscripts in the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Scotland, by Donald Mackinnon (Edinburgh: T. and A. Constable, 1912): www.archive.org

A descriptive catalogue of Gaelic manuscripts in the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Scotland, compiled by Donald Mackinnon (Edinburgh: T. & A. Constable: 1912): www.archive.org

A dialect of Donegal: being the speech of Meenawannia in the parish of Glenties. Phonology and texts, by E.C. Quiggin (Cambridge: University Press, 1906): www.archive.org

A dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe ..., by William Salesbury (London: Printed for the Cymmrodorion Society, by T. Richards, 1877): www.archive.org

An Dara Óir-chiste, by Seámus Ó hAodha (Baile ?tha Cliath: Comhlucht Oideachais na hÉireann, [1922]): archive.org

An Duanaire: a new collection of Gaelic songs, by Donald Macpherson (Edinburgh: MacLachlan and Stewart, 1868): archive.org

Dánta Aodhagáin Uí Rathaille. The poems of Egan O'Rahilly: to which are added miscellaneous pieces illustrating their subjects and language, ed. P.S. Dinneen (London: David Nutt for the Irish Texts Society, 1900): www.archive.org

Dearg-ruathar Chonaill Chearnaigh: sgéal rudhraigheachta, by Seosamh Laoide (Baile Átha Cliath: Connradh na Gaedhilge, 1907): www.archive.org

A dialect of Donegal, being the speech of Meenawannia in the parish of Glenties. Phonology and texts, by E. C. Quiggin (Cambridge: University Press, 1906): www.archive.org

Die deutsche Heldensage, by Otto Luitpold Jiriczek (Leipzig: G.J. Göschen, 1900): www.archive.org

Die deutsche Heldensage, by Wilhelm Grimm (Gütersloh: Bertelsmann, 1889): www.archive.org

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar I (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1964-1965): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar II (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1966-1967): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar III (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1968-1969): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar IV (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1970-1971): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar V (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1972-1973): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Dinnseanchas: imleabhar VI (uimhreacha 1-4) (An Cumann Logainmeacha, 1974-1977): www.logainm.ie/ga/res/

Domhnall "Munro", an Dall, Snitheasort, anns an Eilean Sgitheanach, le Domhnall Mac Fhionghain [Donald Mackinnon] (1900): www.archive.org

Duanaire na macaomh: a selection of Irish poetry for schools and colleges, by Thomas Flannery (Dublin: M. H. Gill, 1910): archive.org

Duanaire na Midhe, le Seosamh Laoide (Baile Átha Cliath: Connradh na Gaedhilge, 1914): www.archive.org

Duanaire na nuadh-Ghaedhilge, edited by Euseby Digby Cleaver (I m-Baile-atha-cliath: P. O'Briain, 1891): archive.org

Les désinences verbales en R en sanskrit, en italique et en celtique, by Georges Dottin (Rennes: Plihon & Hervé, 1896): www.archive.org

The death-tales of the Ulster heroes, by Kuno Meyer, (Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co.; London: Williams & Norgate, 1906): www.archive.org

The description of Ireland: and the state thereof as it is at this present in anno 1598 ... Now for the first time published from a manuscript preserved at Clongowes Wood College, by Edmund Hogan (Dublin: M. H. Gill, 1878): www.archive.org

The diocese of Limerick, ancient and medieval, by John Begley (Dublin: Browne & Nolan, 1906): www.archive.org

The discovery of language: linguistic science in the nineteenth century, by Holger Pedersen (trans. by John Webster Spargo) (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1959): www.archive.org



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