Niamh Burke Renewable Energy Bursary - Arthur Cox/ IWEA

At a glance

  • Value: €10,000
  • You must be a student starting your postgraduate studies in 2020 – in the field of renewable energy
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to


Introduction to the Bursary
This bursary of €10,000 is being offered in memory of the late Niamh Burke by her former employer Arthur Cox and her family.
Niamh made an impressive mark on the industry and this bursary aims to foster and support further ambition in this sector.
Over a 20 year career Niamh advised on some of Ireland's largest energy, infrastructure and construction projects. To honour her memory and her contribution to the development of renewable energy in Ireland, the bursary was established in 2020. 
The fund is administered on behalf of Arthur Cox and her family by the Irish Wind Energy Association. It is intended the bursary will be offered each year for the next five years (2020 - 2025). Giving an opportunity to five individuals. 
Entry Criteria and Process
Applications are invited from students wishing to study in the renewable energy field in Ireland, at Postgraduate level.
All relevant disciplines are open for application - law, economics, engineering, modelling, policy and others.

Step 1
Participants are asked to complete an online application before 5pm on Friday 6th March.  

Step 2
The judging panel, made up of representatives from Arthur Cox and the Irish Wind Energy Association, will assess applications under the following criteria:

1. Relevant experience or knowledge of renewable energy, sustainability or climate justice fields (400 max).

2. Description of the proposed Postgraduate course being put forward for support. Or an introduction to the project / initiative being proposed for support (400 words max).

3. What area of study will this bursary fund. Why is this area of study important to you? What benefit will the completion of this course be to you in seeking to work in the fields of renewable energy, sustainability or climate justice (1,000 words max).
4. Summary (200 words max).
5. Terms and Conditions
Representatives from Arthur Cox and the Irish Wind Industry Association will look at the criteria along with the applications when deciding on the successful applicant.  The scholarship panel's decision is final. Detailed feedback is not available.

Step 3
The successful applicant will be announced at the IWEA Spring Conference in March 2020. They will also be notified privately. 
The duration of the scholarship will be clearly stated upon confirmation of award and will not be extendable. The scholar should commence their programme of study during the academic year of 2020. The scholar is expected to take part in the promotion of the scholarship and may be asked to participate in having their photograph taken and providing quotations and or a personal statement for use in promotional material. 
We wish all applicants the very best of luck with their submissions.
The closing date is 6th March 2020.

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