Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) Scholarships

At a glance

ICUF awards a range of Scholarships to both Irish and Canadian scholars and academics whose research contributes to the academic and cultural links between Canada and Ireland.

It is the mission of ICUF to support and develop the relationship between Canada and Ireland, through the organisation and facilitation of scholarly exchange between both countries. Scholarships are awarded to candidates of the highest calibre, whose work relates to both Irish and Canadian interests, and provides the potential to develop ongoing international links in that area.

This mission is realised through the operation of three distinct scholarship programs, each of which supports scholarly travel from Ireland to Canada, and from Canada to Ireland;

  • The James M Flaherty Scholarship Program initiated in 2016, supports both emerging and established scholars, from across all academic disciplines.
  • The Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship Programme initiated in 2016, supports the development of a new generation of academic, artistic, cultural and economic links between Atlantic Canada and Ireland.
  • The Irish Language Programme supports the growth and development of the Irish language in Canada.
  • From 1995 to 2016, the Dobbin Scholarship Programme provided research travel scholarships to 200 Canadian and Irish scholars, across a wide range of academic disciplines. This programme ceased operation in 2016.



Scholarships and Prizes

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