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Degrees in this ceremony

The College of Science, Engineering and Food Sciences Conferring Ceremony will take place on Friday, 23 June 2023 at 12.30pm.

Please note only students who have paid fees in full and have passed all exams will be eligible to attend the Conferring Ceremony. 

Degree Date Time
 BSc (Ordinary)   Friday  23 June   12.30pm
 MEngSc (Civil)  Friday 23 June  12.30pm
 MSc (Analytical Chemistry)  Friday 23 June   12.30pm
 MSc (Food Science & Technology)  Friday 23 June   12.30pm
 MSc (Interactive Media)   Friday 23 June  12.30pm
 MSc (Science)  Friday 23 June   12.30pm
 Master of Research  Friday 23 June   12.30pm
 PhD (Engineering)   Friday 23 June  12.30pm
 PhD (Engineering Science)  Friday 23 June   12.30pm
 PhD (Food Science & Technology)  Friday 23 June  12.30pm
 PhD (Science)  Friday 23  June  12.30pm

Having trouble?

The video will load at 3.30pm. If the video isn't loading for you, try refreshing the page (press Ctrl + F5 or Shift + F5). If you are still encountering difficulties after that, open the page in a different browser. 

If you notice any errors with the the ceremony relating to your information (such as your name), please let us know by email: Please include as much detail as you can, including the ceremony and degree cohort in question.

Preparing for your day

Welcome to the Medical and Dental 2023 Conferring Ceremony! There are some practicalities to take care of before you graduate. 


Bronnadh Céimeanna

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