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COMH Conferring 2023

The COMH Conferring will take place on Friday, 23 June 2023 at 10am

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Degrees in this ceremony

The College of Medicine and Health Conferring Ceremony will take place on Friday, 23 June 2023 at 10.00am

Please note only students who have paid fees in full and have passed all exams will be eligible to attend the Conferring Ceremony.

 Degree   Date   Time 
 BSc (Hons) (Nursing - Children's & General-Integrated)   Friday 23 June   10am 
 BSc (Hons) (Nursing - General)  Friday 23 June   10am
 BSc (Hons) (Nursing Studies)  Friday 23 June  10am
 BSc (Hons) (Occupational Therapy)  Friday 23 June  10am
 BSc (Hons) (Public Health Sciences)  Friday 23 June  10am
 BSc (Hons) Speech & Language Therapy)  Friday 23 June  10am
 MDS  Friday 23 June   10am
 MSc (Occupational Health)  Friday 23 June  10am
 MSc (Specialist Paramedic Practice)  Friday 23 June  10am
 MSc (Medicine & Health)  Friday 23June  10am
 MD   Friday 23 June  10am
 PhD (Medicine & Health)  Friday 23 June  10am


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